soulful-womanI love desire. I am a desire chaser the way some people chase storms. And we all know that people who chase storms sometimes get caught in the hurricane. It’s a risk that they take.  But they still chase storms.

It can be that way with desire too. Desires can come with a price tag.  But don’t be frightened of price tags! Just know that they exist. Too many people work so very hard at avoiding their desires, because of their fear of the costs. But to me, to have a big, beautiful, burning desire- and to bury it- is the biggest cost of all.  It’s a trap to believe that once we get our heart’s desire, this is where trouble will begin. I don’t buy that.

The women I talk to have desires around connecting to their bodies in a deeper and more fuller way. They want to play again in their lives. They want to not only uncover their desires, name their desires, but to experience them. And not all of them do. Why not?

Perhaps the price is too high, and they are looking for a bargain. They are looking to get their desire with double coupons or at a flea sale. And for others, they are willing to sell one’s soul to the devil to get what they really want.

Sometimes, when we go exploring our desires we may find out that our lives, just as we know them, isn’t quite right anymore. We may have outgrown our marriages, or friendships. If we go looking for what in our heart calls us, we may leave behind what was once so very precious. That’s a pretty scary risk, isn’t it? Kinda like selling your soul? Reaching for those desires may have a pretty hefty cost. But what about not reaching for your desires? That can be really expensive too. If you stay where you are- stifled, numb and perhaps very angry- that is a different kind of selling of your soul – isn’t it?

Rarely does anything worth happening come for free. And sometimes the price tag is not as dramatic as selling your soul or making a decision to leave your own backyard.

Sometimes, to find our desires we need to put aside time and money. We need to share ourselves with our loved ones and let them in on what our desires are. We have to be willing to put ourselves first.

This is what I have learned in my life as a committed desire-seeker.

1. You have to be willing to reach with a full heart for your desires.

2. You often have to let go of the past, after you have tasted and rolled around in your desires.

3. Fulfilled desires often do bring change, and while change can be momentarily uncomfortable, it can also be amazing.

4. Your body can hold way more “desire-fulfilled” that you can imagine.

If you can restrain your desires, put them aside and ignore them – maybe the desire is not great enough.  Understanding your desires, and deciding which desires should have your focus is the key.

Go on. Take on your desire.  Just check the price tag, and decide that you are worth it.

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