80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. It’s time to find your perfect fit and ThirdLove is the all inclusive brand that is accommodating to every body type! With a breast shape dictionary and style guide, their brand is all about serving a diverse range of styles for every unique shape and size. Whether your bust is athletic, round, or could use more support, there is bra that will have you feeling comfortable, sexy and confident! Here are some top picks from ThirdLove to get you started!

Round Bust

For the ladies with a fuller and rounder bust, a wireless bra is the way to go! It’s comfortable yet provides ultimate coverage and offers just the perfect amount of cleavage all at once! A wireless bra is great for an everyday light support that is extremely flattering!

Bra $68

Athletic Bust

For wider & more muscular busts, cup gaping tends to be a common issue due to the lack of volume up top. A classic t-shirt bra is perfect for giving you that lift while fitting you comfortably at the same time!

Bra $68

Asymmetric Bust

40% of women have breasts that differ in size, ranging from a slight asymmetry to an entire cup size difference.  Explore bras with removable inserts, like the 24/7 Classic Uplift Plunge to help even out your natural shape!

Bra $68

Side Set Bust

If your bust is fuller on the sides and you have a wide space in between, you may want to explore an uplift plunge style bra, which are made to naturally lift and bring your bust in closer together! This will provide everyday comfort with a flattering look.

Bra $76

Slender Bust

If you are thinner built with a small chest with little to no volume and are looking to add more cleavage, then an uplifting bra like this one is perfect for you! It will give you a great boost and have you feeling more full and flattered.

Bra $34

Full Relaxed Bust

With age it’s natural for your bust to become more relaxed and lose its lift. With a bigger bust it may be troublesome to get that lift back, that’s why a perfect coverage bra is great for giving extra support and keeping you feeling covered and confident!

Bra $68

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