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The pandemic has led to an explosion of new phrases and a language that has become commonplace in how we talk and understand the new world.

Britains’s departure from the EU gave the world a variety of new terms including “brexiteer,” “remainers” and words such as backstops, no deal, and hard borders meant something more to each of us living through the protracted exit.

Phrases and language that meant something to us for decades now have a completely new meaning:

Contact tracing now has nothing to do with art

Bubbles no longer have to do just with bathtime.

Zoom is no longer just a camera setting

Masks are no longer just for Halloween

Quarantine is no longer just for dogs

Garden parties are no longer just for summer

Lockdown is not only for those in prison

Tiering now has nothing to do with cakes

Super spreader has nothing to do with butter

Nightingale is more than a bird

PPE is now not just a degree from Oxford

A support group is no longer just for alcoholics

The WHO is no longer about the 1960s band

The R rating is no longer just for movies

Flatten the curve is not about your waistline

Social distancing is not just for the unpopular.

Self isolation is a now a new level of loneliness.

To use protection is not just about contraception.

A year ago, we avoided negative people. In 2020 we now stayed away from positive people.

— Published on December 28, 2020


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