Who knew the number one shoe look for New Mom’s was a clog (at least in Brooklyn.) Just read about this in this latest Fashion Post from the New York Times.

I love my Dansko clogs, I use them for gardening but we’re not talking about THOSE clogs. what the new mom’s are wearing is the No. 6 Clog. Have you heard of them. They don’t come cheap but they are very cool looking.

Here’s what Barney’s is showing for $400.

Well, I”m not a new mom but I would wear these in a snap!.

Love them is this color too…

Love These No. 6 as well.

And check out these straps that you can put on you pocketbook. They are all sold out — just sayin. But maybe you can embroider your own. Do you like them. I’m not sure what’s so amazing about them but they are very cottage industry looking which is fun.

These are sold up but take a look anyway.
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