window dressingMy dream home would be my dream home if it weren’t for the naked window in the biggest room of the house. The window in this room feels like the fable of “The Emperor’s New Clothes”—the window’s invisible garments showcase the room as useless and bland. The sunlight shines too oppressively in the day, completely washing out the room, and at night, there’s little privacy to be had. Unlike the Emperor though, the room has potential—if only something were to be done about the stark glass: A pinch-pleated drapery, a linen curtain, or a dupioni shade, anything to adorn the bare window and accentuate the feng shui the room was meant to have. Yes, the Naked Window needed New Clothes.

The Merry Window specializes in adorning exposed windows with luxurious draperies and shades, made of fine silks and linens. All drapery orders with The Merry Window are customized—so even an oddly sized rectangular window like mine can fashion itself in a Parisian pleated linen or a gossamer silk without it bunching awkwardly or sweeping the floor, which sits at a contrasting three feet below.

I wanted a red drape but my window had been naked for so long; I needed a red that was comforting and cozy, not too brash. By ordering swatches, which arrived promptly after the sent request, I was able to see for myself the sheen of the silk and the Indian dupioni’s rich texture in the actual room of the naked window. I noticed the way the various reds in the Merry Window’s inventory brought out different elements of the room. The Chinese Dupioni was the obvious choice, as luminous as a celebrity’s gown on the red carpet yet classic and simple. My naked window blushed with confidence and gratitude as I used the user-friendly How to Measure guide to determine the exact fit. Luckily, the Merry Window is as persnickety about detail as I am.

My formerly naked window is now the best dressed in town! It is incredible how a drapery from The Merry Window transformed the drab and underused room into a place that draws visitors inside. Passerbys try to peek into the formerly naked window, dazzled by the fabric’s quality and perfect shade; the way the light glints off the shimmering dupioni serves as a chic source of inspiration. With an extensive (and, yet, not expensive!) selection of silks and linens for draperies and shades, the Merry Window leaves a mark of elegance on any window to be incorporated with all styles, schemes and décor.  Tailor-made to my window’s exact size, pleated to perfection, and as elegant as Buckingham Palace, the Merry Window made my window and me merry indeed!

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