I’m a dating coach for women who are serious about creating a healthy loving relationship in midlife. I believe it’s never too late to find the love you deserve. But four years ago, when I first started dating after my divorce, I was not yet a dating coach. I was an overwhelmed, confused and insecure woman. Like many of you, I had no idea how to even begin to date after a 25-year hiatus.

When my divorced friends began dating (a few years before I was ready to date), I noticed that they were mdating expertaking some big mistakes. Their online profiles were vague. Their photos were not doing them justice. They were over-interpreting men’s emails and choosing men who treated them poorly.

I knew they could have more success if they were proactive, did the inner work and tweaked their dating skills. I rewrote their profile essays to reflect more of their essence. I had them upload new photos that brought out their true beauty. I became a behind-the-scenes Cyrano de Bergerac as I advised them on what to write in their emails and what to say on a phone call to move the relationship forward.

The Man Whisperer

When my friend called me the ‘Man Whisperer’ for my ability to understand men, I realized that I had found my true calling as a dating coach.

The Naked Truth About Dating After 50

I’m excited to be the new dating expert here at BA50. I’ll be writing a regular column called The Naked Truth About Dating After 50. I’ll provide tips and tools for dating in midlife, but most importantly, I’m here to answer your dating and relationship questions. What do you want me to write about? Please send your dating questions to sandy@lastfirstdate.com.

Look for my first article this Thursday- it will give you something to think about over Memorial Day weekend…Are Men Sexier After Fifty?

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