It’s the “must have” bag, and it seems to be everywhere!   At the market, at the gym, while traveling, and no wonder, it’s a perfect bag.  We keep running into these MZ Wallace bags— large totes, medium totes, cross body and backpacks.  We are big fans of this bag at BA50– Felice and Ronna both own one, and love it.

Why?  Three really important reasons…

  1.  It is light weight.  Not just any light bag– this bag is nylon, and honestly it barely weighs anything (at least the tote and the backpack that we have tried), so you are just carrying around what you have in your bag- no extra weight. This makes it the perfect travel bag as well (and the backpack is amazing for travel.)
  2. It is stylish as well as functional.  A great look for city or burbs– great inside pockets as well.
  3.  It is really well made and while not inexpensive (around $220 depending on style and size), if you consider the PPW (price per wear) it may end up being downright economical.  This is the bag you will bring everywhere, every day!

The color and style choices are really varied, but we have not found one that we don’t like, because really…what’s there not to like about this bag?



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