I will retire one day soon. Before retirement, I have projects that are stacked up, waiting for completion at a “later” time. I’ve been busy with Weddings, sick Parents, remodels, more sick Parents, more Weddings, Pandemics and now a Puppy.  To be honest, the start date of “later” is HERE, and maybe a little past due.

My Husband and I were out walking the Pup, same route that we have walked hundreds of times.  WHAM!  Without warning I went from upright to splayed face down on the sidewalk, hitting the ground so hard my teeth rattled. WTF, I’m a stumbler, NOT a faller!

I rolled over and checked my nails, assessing my injuries. My Husband bent over me worried and trying to be helpful.  “Nails first, Really…?” He asked with a laugh, grabbing the leash.

Both knees were out, one rashed and bleeding, the other already swelling in a painful knot.  OH SHIT, I thought, I am long past standing up without using a knee and OUCH my knees are not available……My Husband held out a hand to pull me up.  I waved him off, needing to gather myself. Truth was, I worried about the very real possibility of peeing or farting while getting pulled up…. But there were no good options: I clenched everything worth clenching and tried to be graceful on the way back to vertical.

During the ice, hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, band-aids and sniveling a weird train of thought happened. It was about those crazy projects, of all things. What on earth was I waiting for?  A bump on the knee?

I started with the ironing, something that could be done standing up.  Clothes that had hung in the closet for months were done in thirty minutes.  Then I did some mending, also quickly done.  Inspired, I attacked a pile of papers and magazines in the office.  The box of ‘items’ I brought home from my office during WFH?  Mostly recycled.  Over the next few days, I organized the room where we toss things AND my closet into piles of donate, store, toss, or shred.  It felt so great, I re-potted my houseplants.  This whole process was both confusing and satisfying…. Why NOW of all times? And Whew! Good!

I stretched away the soreness as my achy, oozing (and itchy) road rash healed.  The stretching felt so good I wondered how I let the daily stretching and online Pilates slip away over the last year.  I found my hand weights and mat.  And lectured myself about fall prevention and keeping my core strong.  UGH!  I now try to lift and do squats every day.

The oddest discovery of all is the free time I have as the projects get completed.  Yes! That means I can watch a movie or read a book!   Normally the project list overwhelms me. Tackling a little bit at a time has made me feel relieved, lighter, and inspired.  I have even nabbed a grabber and a bag and picked-up trash a couple of time during dog walks.

I have yet to perfect my system, but I’m amazed at what I’ve accomplished in just a few weeks.  If I miss a day working on projects, well, I think of what project is next.  If I like my clean closets and counters and rooms, imagine what will happen when I finish the whole list!

Life is still busy, but I feel more in control now.  My knees have healed to the peeling skin and fading bruise stage, a reminder to keep working on the projects.  No more waiting; I WILL retire one day soon.

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