What would happen if you didn’t pick up the tab for a family vacation…would your kids still come?

Can you describe, in two coherent sentences, what your (non doctor, non lawyer) kid does for work?  (And yeah, we know they have explained it to you a hundred times.)

And just how many times have your lost your car in the parking lot at the mall…this month?

Sometimes the truth about life after 50 is just too much to bear. ¬†So most of us have developed easily accessible little white lies that keep us feeling loved, beautiful, connected and young. ¬†How many times a day do you make stuff up to make yourself feel better? ¬†For us, it is too many to count. Which is why we wrote the book in the first place! ¬†In the style of Calories Don’t Count When… our new book, After 50, We tell Ourselves...¬†will entertain you and your 50-something girlfriends.

We aren’t interested in outing anyone, but we actually applaud this kind of delusional thinking– and¬†love have memorialized our 50 favorite lies in the funniest, self-deprecating way, in a book¬†that makes the best gift for you and all your friends. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves stuff just to feel a little bit better — and hopefully what we tell ourselves makes us laugh, because¬†we all know laughter is the best medicine.

Check out our new gift book for all our BA50 girlfriends: After 50, We Tell Ourselves…

We had fun the first day this book came out and did a little reading. Click below¬†to watch…


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