I was thrilled when Celeste Lee Co-Founder of Caire Cosmetics called me to tell me about her 3rd new product The Grown Up Moisturizer which addresses the slowdown in hormone production and is designed for the specific changes of our aging skin.

I love Celeste Lee and met her a year ago (you may remember my interview with her last year for BA50).
When I met her then in a little outdoor bistro to talk about her new products, her serum and her triple lift molecule mask, I was blown away that she was targeting BA50’s. 

Celeste and her team had done their research. That’s when I started using her Serum.

Thank you Celeste for giving BA50s a 15 percent discount on your products…Put in Code BetterSkin At Check out and get a 15 Percent Discount).  Spend some time on the Caire site and learn about their break through.


Now, once again Celeste is rocking the midlife market and the skin care industry. Celeste launched her New product cleverly called THE GROWN UP MOISTURIZER” this past August and already Oprah Health Magazine gave it a big award.


Grown Up MoisturizerOprah Called it the best mid-life hydrator because it addresses internal and external aging at the same time.

This Grown Up Moisturizer addresses the slowdown in hormone production from ages 40 to 57 years old.

By the way, Celeste told me that later around 56 or 57, the hormone slowdown continues but not at such an accelerated rate.

Caire’s secret formula is their patented super tiny super absorbable ceramide lipid emulsion which they created for way better absorption as it penetrates our skin barrier.

This formula works and I know this because I’ve been using Caire’s cream all month.

I find the texture to be unbelievably smooth and even though you may want take more than you need – Don’t! You only need a finger tip of this to smear on the face and neck.

It glides on my face — It’s rich but it’s not sticky at all. It’s absorbed and activates immediately.

By the way, I put this on 30 seconds before I apply my tinted moisturizer.

If you are interested in trying out Caire’s new cream or their other products — I love their Serum and the Mask as well. Please use the following link to get your BA50 discount.

Put in Code BetterSkin At Check out and get a 15 Percent Discount.

Spend some time on the Caire site and learn about their break through.


The Grown Up moisturizer is $88 Large size enough 3 months

Grown Up Moisturizer

The Triple Life Mask $64 and lasts for 2 months (use 2x per week).

Triple Lift Mask

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