eye liftsSnip, snip, snip. Stitch, stitch, stitch. Half an hour, thirty-five minutes, tops. That’s all it took to make a huge difference. Just a tiny bit of skin, gone.

Those drooping eyelids of mine? The ones that made me look half-asleep in every picture? Those little “overhangs” of skin that surrendered to age and gravity and were ready to lay themselves down even further if I allowed it? I decided to fight back, defy gravity, and get my old/young eyes back.

After a couple of years of “what ifs,” I made the call to a plastic surgeon. It turns out that this doctor is a very busy woman. I had to book an appointment months in advance. During that waiting time, I argued with myself. “Really?”  I asked. “Is it necessary?” “What does necessary have to do with it?” the argument went. These eyelids of mine are just plain droopy. No two ways about it. I played with the folds over my eyes, giving them a lift with my fingers, just to see…. And yeah, there is that element of vanity involved.

I can’t deny I’m getting older, but there are things we can decide to let go (hair color), things we can change on our own with some dedication and work (squats=butt lift), and then there are those things that require the skills of a talented plastic surgeon. And so, two weeks ago, I took a deep breath (and the anxiety and pain meds the doctor gave me), and let her snip and stitch away. I didn’t feel a thing, was awake the whole time, and when it was over, I walked out with two sets of stitches around my eyes, looking like a sort of punk bride of Frankenstein. My husband said he thought it looked sexy but I think he was just being nice.What with the stitches and the slight puffiness and the magenta lids, I was a sight to behold. But I mostly hid under bags of frozen peas for the next few days, sending out selfies to my curious friends who wanted to see what I looked like.

The colorful bruising around my eyes (really impressive!) is almost all gone now—really, it’s just been two weeks. I went from purple to natural in the blink of a much more awake-looking eye. (Hooray for vitamin K and Arnica!) Losing that tiny amount of skin has given me more than back-to-the-way-they-were eyelids. I have better peripheral vision, less tired eyes, and–okay, I’ll confess–a feeling that I won a small battle with gravity. It’s amazing that something so small adds up to such a big change—it’s a real eye-opener…in more ways than one.

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