Spring is here. If you have been looking to refresh your nail gel colors, you may be in for a surprise. Most of us are used to owning hues of pink, red, coral, nudes, and flesh. If we use nail art, it is understated and chic. This does not hold true for the 20-somethings women.

What’s hot and what’s not

When you browse the shelves (or webpages) of your favorite nail color, you will see that blues, greens, grays, and blacks are added to the mix. Blink comes in the form of outlandish designs, nails that support more than one color, and glitter. Lots of glitters. Nail shape is coffin style and extremely long. While teenagers can pull this off, these fashion statements do little for the woman of grace and charm.

Metallic finishes are trending in younger circles. Gold, silver, steel-blue, rust, and copper are very hot. These are best left to the 20-somethings. Metallic gel polish is very unforgiving. Any crevice, chip, or crack in the nail shows up dramatically with metallic finishes. Most women who wear these colors do so over acrylic nails. Women that are over 50 should stay away from the fake and phony acrylic nails. The size and shape of acrylics draw attention to the hand and not the manicure. They look too thick, and they damage the natural nail. Pay more attention to your healthy manicure and stay away from the cat-woman claws.

Below we will show you what is trending for the mature woman. We will show you how to look beautiful in any situation with colors that are timeless.

What is your baseline color?

In generations past, nails were painted to match the clothes you planned to wear to an event. Day to day colors matched the majority of your wardrobe. Those days are gone. Today, nails are their own style and trend. Your nail color should complement your skin tone. Your nails are a part of your beauty, just like your hairstyle, and lipgloss.

You should always have a few bottles of your favorite nude gel. Finding one that matches your skin tone is essential in younger looking hands. This is your base, and all other colors should be in that family. If you are very pale, go with a clear pink, sand,  or creamy beige. Tip: if you are unsure of your base color, match it to your foundation. As long as you are within a shade of your foundation color, your nail color will appear nude or natural. From there you will grow toward the shades of pink, coral, and even your orange-based reds.

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When a woman is over 50, her skin becomes thinner. This allows pale blue veins to show through. Wearing a color (even red) with a cool base will draw attention to the veins, making your hands appear aged. However, you can wear any color with a warm base. Think pink, salmon, coral, peach, and nude. Brighter pastels draw the eye to the nail and away from the skin. This makes the hands appear longer and more graceful.

Avoid old-lady hands and any colors that have blue or green in them. Stay away from gray, black, or white. Even the pretty French Manicure can backfire on you because the white will stand out making the skin look dry and thin.

Say no to perfect matches

While you want to avoid the bold ring finger color switch, going a shade warmer on that finger will work. It is a subtle difference, and just enough to trend today’s fashion. You do not have to match your fingers and your toes. Again, pedicures will do well with a warm red or any of the spring colors we have mentioned for your hands. Stay away from the blues and greens which will make your feet look like there is no circulation. If you simply must try one of these hues, wear shoes that cover the toes if you are going out.

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Size and shape

Extremely long nails are not for you. Not only will they make the hands look exaggerated and aged, but they will also get in your way. Instead, go for a shorter style. The shape should be a cross between a square and an oval – squoval. Your nail should be classic and lovely and should not cause a problem if you are pouring (or drinking) a glass of wine, or buttoning a sweater. Think more Jacqueline Kennedy and less Elvira.

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Women that are over the age of 40 are not limited to drab and dull colors. Today’s nail industry has a wide range of pretty pastels that will complement any woman. You can go with a quiet and subtle nail art. Just remember that you want the eye to go to your pretty nails and not potential skin issues concerning your hands. As you reach for your spring pastels, your hands should be soft, and touchable. Your nails will accent your beauty, not draw the attention away from it. Take full advantage of gel nail technology, which gives you a rock hard shine that lasts up to 14 days. Your manicure will fit with your total body plan of being timelessly beautiful.


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