RedHotWeatherMapThinking of donning Daisy Dukes because well…it’s 100 degrees outside?

Think again, Doris! Personally, I can relate to the dilemma of the red hot weather map because as I write, it is 94 degrees in Boston today with the heat index values around 100 degrees.

Here are a few precautionary / preparedness actions…
Drink plenty of fluids… stay in an air-conditioned
room… stay out of the sunshine… and check in on neighbors.



Take extra precautions if you work or spend time outside. When
possible reschedule strenuous activities to early morning or
evening. Know the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat
stroke. Drink plenty of water and by all means – wear shorts – just not Daisy Dukes!

Right now most of us would be comfortable in a thong, but alas, that is not an option, so let’s add a few inches and talk shorts – the long and short of them! Shorts are defined as: trousers, knee length or shorter. Therein lies the problem, short trousers? No wonder they don’t look so good. Comments on shorts include, “Is she really wearing those,” “Couldn’t she afford the rest of the fabric?”, “Do those belong to her teenager?” and “Were those Maria Von Trapp’s curtains from The Sound of Music?” Here are a few dos and don’ts to help you navigate the lane.

Think middle of the road – what did your mother tell you to do while driving on the highway in the rain? Stay in the middle lane – the safest lane to travel in. When it comes to shorts, my advice is the same – stay in the middle lane…not too left or too right!

BrigetteBardotTo put it in political terms: Too left = too liberal

Don’t be too liberal with your body, avoid going down the sexy and sassy lane when it comes to your shorts, because frankly Brigette Bardot rocked the sexy and sassy look, so it’s been ‘trumped’ already! Don’t believe me? Let’s photo shop you in pair of these and come to a verdict.

Too right = too conservative

Don’t be so conservative that you end up in the breakdown lane, also known as frump-ville.

Don’t wear pajama shorts – we know they are your pajamas!

Don’t let your shorts ride up the middle zone – you know what I am talking about!

Don’t wear them so short the pocket linings stick out – when did that ever become a thing – what popstar (poptart) do we have to thank for that ridiculousness?

Ann Taylor Bermuda & Metro ShortsDon’t fall for every hook, line, sinker, zipper, grommet, pocket, cuff, belt loop and nose ring holder on your pair of shorts. Less is more when it comes to shorts – keep it simple, Susie!

Don’t wear boots with shorts – again Nancy Sinatra rocked it, everyone else just looks like gladiators.

Here are a few dos because I always like to offer solutions! Shop away and let me know of any additional finds on your end! Check out details like inseam measurements, fabrics, colors and sizes available – note that some actually come in petite!

Nordstrom Caslon ShortsAnn Taylor Walking & Metro Shorts

Walking – Dressed up or down, these polished cotton twill walking shorts are nothing short of perfect. Contoured waistband. Front zip with double hook-and-bar closure. Belt loops. Front off-seam pockets. Back besom pockets. 11” inseam.

Metro – The perfect middle ground. Dressed up or down, these polished cotton mid shorts are nothing short of perfect. Contoured waistband. Front zip with double hook-and-bar closure. Belt loops. Angled front besom pockets. Back besom pockets. 6″ inseam.

Talbots Bermuda ShortsNordstrom – Caslon Shorts – Favorite casual shorts in a longer-length cut with clean-front styling are fashioned from stretch-cotton twill with wide-topstitched hems. Regular: 9″ inseam;

Talbots Bermuda Shorts – Bermuda shorts are back and easier than ever. In a slimming silhouette that hits just above the knee, our original warm-weather length is streamlined with a 10 1/2″ inseam that’s innately flattering and easy-to-wear. Now available in a multitude of trend-right colors, these bold shorts liven up your look with summer-friendly shades.

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