Jeans have been a fashion staple for generations. Every woman owns a pair that they love and adore and will shamelessly wear for years. However, there will forever exist that unspeakable moment when we realize we have outgrown our favorite pair and the time has come to embark on the dreadful journey of finding new jeans that will exceed our expectations. To make this process a little less painful for you, we have found the coolest new jeans to replace your good old reliable pair for the cold season coming.
















Yes…these may be called the “Dad” jean, but they are seriously made for every woman! These high-waisted jeans with their straight boot cut are flattering for all body types and look cool, effortless, and best of all – extremely comfortable. 

If you thought dad jeans were cute, take a look at the mother of all jeans. These super high-waisted ankle-cut Mom jeans are the current obsession. They are the perfect balance between youth and sophistication with a modern yet still retro look.



Ask yourself this. If everyone is wearing basic black jeans, how do you make yours stand out? This floral embroidery adds a pop of color to the cold weather and individuality to your classic jean look. These black skinny jeans will shape your figure perfectly with a complimenting ankle cut hem.


















We are on a fringe binge this season! These frayed end jeans are fun and trendy and take your regular old blue jeans to the next level. They are the artsy at-the-moment vibe that every woman should be daring enough to try.















Ladies, we are back to the 70’s! Bell bottoms are back and better than they ever were in earlier decades. The slimming high waist and dramatic flare at the knee make for some long legs. Grab your modern day platforms, heels, or whatever gives you height so that you’re rocking these jeans to their most stylish potential.













Straight leg jeans are forever a favorite, so why not add some large frayed cuffs to be unique? These bottoms are a must have for anyone trying to glamorize some ordinary light wash jeans.














How could we forget the classic skinny jean? They are the crucial foundation to any great outfit as you are free to style them in a million different fun and fashionable ways for the colder seasons ahead!


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