Yom Kippur Breaking the Fast after 24 hours With comfort food isn’t always the healthiest but it’s what we do and what we love.

I’m obsessed with the comfort food of Yom Kippur and I’m not alone. This is the time that forbidden foods are embraced and indulging with friends during this meal is the sweetest. Licking the creamy cream cheese off our lips and chomping on super salty Lox on a crusty buttered bagel is as close to a spiritual high as any.

It’s hard to believe after a full day of fasting, the tradition doesn’t encourage juicing or pure protein shakes and plenty of no carb options. Of course there are a few outliers who are highly disciplined and use the Yom Kippur fast as a jump start to healthier eating… but most of us mere mortals cannot resist the highly caloric offerings of our childhood.

Jews who follow specific dietary laws cannot serve meat and dairy together, so the break-fast meal tends to be meat-free. The ultimate trick for prepping your break-fast feast is to plan non-meat foods that can be made at least a day in advance and can be served cold or warmed up in a snap. 

A Breaking of the Fast without bagels and lox and a full array of cream cheese flavors is unheard of. If you don’t have supplies nearby and are a die-hard New Yorker, you can mail order in your food. One of the most iconic Deli mail order places is Barney Greengrass. Check out their full menu of offerings here for the holiday.

Whether you are  going or hosting to a Breaking of the Fast this week check out these recipes……
We  guarantee you will be asked to bring one of these again next year.

Noodle Kugel

1. NOODLE KUGEL:   A tad Unhealthy but unavoidably delish if you are  celebrating the Jewish New Year (Sept 29-Oct 1)?   Here is one of our favorite Noodle Kugels (Noodle Puddings) From Bon Appetit. 
The video makes it easy and fun and it takes about 20  minutes of Prep Timehttps://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/basically-noodle-kugel

Sour cream coffee cake

2. Who’s bringing the sour cream coffee cake — You will be asked again once they taste this recipe. !https://www.thespruceeats.com/chocolate-chip-sour-cream-coffee-cake-2122120


3. This crustless cheese and vegetable quiche is delicious and easy to make and won’t clog your arteries.

Ok those should get your salivating. What else are you making?

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