Here’s everything you need to future-proof your workout, even if you’re doing it in your living room.

In spring 2020, the majority of us were relegated to our homes to work (and play) after the government enforced its first set of lockdown restrictions. The guidelines stated that people should stay at home where possible and only leave for activities such as shop for basic necessities, going to work if you can’t do so from home, meeting a support or childcare bubble and exercise once a day as gyms and leisure centres closed their doors.

As result, we took to transforming our living rooms and bedrooms into our very own at-home gyms, complete with skipping ropes, yoga matts and dumbbells. Last year, the E-commerce Times reported that sales of dumbbells during the 2020 lockdown period increased by 1,980 per cent compared to March and April in 2019 on eBay, respectively.

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