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No, the Internet Has Not Killed the Printed Book. Most People Still Prefer Them According to the Pew Research Center,”Sixty-five percent of adults in the United States said they had read a printed book in the past year, the same percentage that said so in 2012.”

Depression Is Poorly Diagnosed and Often Goes Untreated 
Better screening tools are needed.

Star Trek at 50: The Theme Song Has Lyrics. No, Really! 
“With delicate orchestral flickers framing¬†an¬†introduction that begins with¬†William Shatner‚Äôs stentorian narration ‘Space‚Ķ the final frontier,’ the familiar, one-minute theme gallops on an operatic soprano¬†that resembles a theremin framed by strings and brass. But what if that wordless melody actually had lyrics?”

Meet the Pulsing Wristband that Could Replace Caffeine
If you could give up caffeinated coffee, but still feel energized, would you make that switch?

Surge In Renters Making the U.S. Less Affordable
“The U.S. is still known for its large homes and white picket fences, but instead of standing out for its homeownership, it’s the renters whose portraits are emerging, and these are no Norman Rockwell images.”


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