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For Tennis Elbow, No Such Thing As A Quick Fix
“Growing evidence suggests that the (cortisone) injections, while effective in the short term, can frequently worsen the condition in the months that follow, raising interesting questions about the risks of quick fixes for pain.”

Millennials Have Shot At Retiring Rich
“The recently-released ‘Wells Fargo Millennial Survey’ had some good news and bad news about the retirement savings prospects of young adults.”

From Bikinis to Burkinis, Regulating What Women Wear
“What is it about women’s swimwear and more generally women’s attire that over and over in history has attracted controversy and impelled societies to legislate or regulate women’s choices?”

What Killed The Jingle?
Remember singing along to the Oscar Meyer commercial and so many others? What happened to kill the jingles?  “It owes its demise not only to shifts in the advertising business but also changes in the music business, and how the two industries became more entwined than ever.”

The App That Lets You Take Care Of Other People’s Dogs
So many people love dogs, but for one reason or another (work schedule, family life, etc.), they can’t own them. Here’s a great way to “borrow” them and get your dog fix without the commitment.

California Aims Retirement Plan At Those Whose Jobs Offer None
“The move could make California the first state to require companies to take part in such a system.”


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