I just interviewed co-founders of Caire Beauty, Lorrie King and Celeste Lee who launched their hormone defying beauty mask and serum this past January during the pandemic. These women are fearless, passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs who care about women over 40. We are their niche.

I tried their 2 products: Caire Theorem Serum Boost with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and their triple Lift Molecule Mask also with HA. I love these products and am going to continue using them as they make my skin feel fresh and hydrated.

Listen to the story of why these products work to feed your skin with molecular nutrition.

Did you know once we hit menopause, we lose 30% of our collagen and elastin and hylauranoic acid? Well these products are absorbed beneath the layers of your skin and turn on skin cell production.

You are going to love meeting Lorrie and Celeste and hearing their story.

Oh and the price point is fantastic $100 for the 2 products with a promo of 20% off through the end of June if you type in the code: BA50

Here is the link to purchase…..

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