Millennials may have earned their title as the influencer generation, but it’s time to acknowledge and praise the over 50 influencers who have truly stolen the scene this year! These trendsetting women over 50 are breaking barriers and stigmas against older ages being irrelevant in the fashion industry. These senior women are owning the spotlight with their mixing of vintage and modern pieces, expert beauty tips, and creative innovations when it comes to street style. If you aren’t following them already, get ready to revamp your Instagram feed with their fabulous and never boring content! Here are the best fashion influencers over 50 of 2020!

Renia Jaz @venswifestyle

Renia Jaz is the fashion influencer to follow as she is always keeping us on her toes with her fast fresh take on hot new trends. As a UK based fashion creative, she is not afraid to step out of the box and experiment with bold layers and fabrics. As a frequent fashion week attendee, she is the street style goddess to steal some fashion inspiration from!

Grece Ghanem @greceghanem

Grece Ghanem, an Instagram influencer based in Montreal, is fashion forward, bold, and inspires confidence in all women of any age! Serving chic looks and style tips is her specialty, and we love her untraditional take on big trends. Follow her for some spice on your feed and some great fashion pieces to get your hands on!

Melissa Meyers @melissameyers

Melissa Meyers is a refreshing instagram influencer and content creator who is authentic, laidback, and California cool. Her must have beauty tips will have you feeling more young and beautiful than ever before as her great energy and spirit are contagious in her posts. Not only is she an expert in fashion and beauty, but she shares her lifestyle with her followers in the most genuine way!

Susan Feldman @susankfeldman

Susan Feldman is an inspiring entrepreneur and founder of In the Groove and Kings Lane where she shares her fabulously age-defying style and shopping tips! Her feed is funny, artistic and makes fashion a lifestyle! Not only she is a style expert at Who What Wear, but she shares everything and everything with her followers on Instagram!

Lyn Slater @iconaccidental

Accidental Icon is a blog that started as a fun hobby and took off with Lyn Slater’s vivacious style and spirit. Her chic, funky, yet poised fashion sense makes her an interesting influencer to follow as she always surprises us with her next look. Now she claims she is no longer accidental and eagerly shares her style tips and tricks.

Mel Kobayashi @bagandaberet

Mel Kobayashi styles to the beat of her own drum and inspires creativity and risk in simple everyday looks. As a Vancouver based artist and content creator, her feed is never boring and inspires stepping out of your fashion box. Her eclectic style and mixing and matching of pieces makes for a never before seen style guru who inspires change no matter what age you are.

Linda Rodin @lindaandwinks

An amazing stylist and former beauty entrepreneur, Linda is energetic and inspiring with her vintage looks mixed with modern edge. There are no limits to where her style can go and she is eager to share with her followers. Not to mention she isn’t shy to share her love for her adorable dogs. Follow her for an innovative take on mixing the old trends with the new, and having fun with it all the while!

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