If you’re getting married this year or next, there’s a good chance you’re in the thick of your honeymoon destination research. Of course, there are some fantastic locations which spring to mind immediately, like the cosmopolitan city of New York, or the instagramable beaches of the Seychelles with all its secluded beauty spots.

Although many newlyweds dream of these tropical islands and fascinating cities, have you ever stopped to think about how magical Europe is?

For one, it’s closer to home, meaning that there’s no shortage of romantic hot spots that you can reach by a four-hour maximum flight, or even via train to some destinations.

European countries are packed with amazing sightseeing opportunities, couple-friendly accommodations, local and fine dining establishment restaurants and exciting day trips.

Plus, if you have a couple of weeks to spare, you may be able to squeeze in visiting a few European countries in one trip, turning your honeymoon into a travelling adventure!

Here are five European hotspots to consider for your honeymoon.


Italy isn’t known for its romantic charm for no reason. The best way to see Italy on your honeymoon is to explore the Amalfi coast, as it’s a must to experience the beautiful beaches and exquisite food.

As you explore the beautiful coastline, you’ll be able to lap up numerous candlelit dinners at some of the world’s most authentic Italian pizza and pasta restaurants, take quiet walks down the picturesque streets and relax with a glass of red wine overlooking the stunning harbour waters.

For a beautiful rural retreat, you may opt for Tuscany, and Sardinia offers visitors scenery, cuisine and picturesque towns with lots of history and culture to discover. There are lots of Villa Holidays which cater for your Italian trip, no matter where you choose to stay, so why not treat yourself to a luxurious villa stay on one of your Italian destinations?

Paris, France

France and Italy compete with being the most romantic countries in the world, making them both top contenders for a European honeymoon destination. Paris is the city you must visit, filled with many tourist attractions, French patisseries, romantic walks and fine French dining.

If you want to tour around France, then start off in Paris before making your way along the Southern coastline. Here, you’ll come across many idyllic honeymoon destinations, such as Provence and Nice.


A place popular for weddings, Santorini oozes romance and enchantment. Surrounded by soaring cliffs that look out to the Caldera, you can guarantee you’ll get the feeling of seclusion and privacy particularly if you book an adults only holiday.

Rows of white-walled houses and breath-taking sea views dominate the landscape, making Santorini resemble a place only fairy tales represent.

It’s a place to visit if you want a honeymoon filled with relaxation and serenity. A long-time favourite location for celebrity couples, the most difficult task you’ll have to make when staying here is whether to start your day with a soak in the sun at Red Beach or take a walk around the charming villages.

Santorini’s sun-drenched late afternoons are taken up with sunset sailing cruises and dining at some of the pretty Grecian tavern eateries.  


Croatia has only recently become an up-and-coming honeymoon destination, more so for the couples who like to travel around and explore. It’s also proving popular with couples who are on a budget, with flights booked at the right time being reasonably priced due to its close location to the UK.

If you are seeking a Mediterranean honeymoon but don’t want to deal with overcrowded tourist spots, then this is an ideal destination. If you travel out of season, like in September and October, you’ll experience Croatia without the hustle and bustle from the crowds of tourists.

Taking a cruise is a popular way to explore Croatia, which would be a romantic way to travel for your honeymoon. Whether you decide to travel via cruise or simply fly, make sure you add the busy seaport city of Dubrovnik to your itinerary, followed by the island of Korcula, especially if you are into snorkelling and kayaking.


If you only want to escape on your honeymoon for a few days, Prague is an excellent choice. It’s a beautiful European honeymoon destination as it allows you to explore lots of history, as well as making a unique change from the beach-heavy honeymoons that are frequently advertised.

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic, filled with old cathedrals and castles steeped in history. These are very romantic to walk around at night and make stunning photo backdrops too!

One of the best things about Prague is its affordability – you can get some incredible five-star hotels at great prices compared to those in other European tourist cities. When you’re in Prague, the local atmosphere is so friendly and warm that it encourages you to join in with how the locals live. Visit some of the cities bustling pubs and bars filled with Prague’s locals, and enjoy typical Czech meals, like pork, dumplings and cabbage, washed down with a refreshing pilsner beer.

Remember to carefully consider what you both wish to gain out of your European honeymoon break. Whether it be a beautiful mix of history and modernity, dramatic views and breath-taking sunsets, there’s a country in Europe that will cater to your needs.

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