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Tennis Face FunWhy You Should Never, Ever Tell The Truth In Tennis

by Karla Araujo
Because being a good sport means never, ever saying, “You suck!”



Force of Nature!The One Quality You Need To Survive Your 50’s (and Beyond)

by Ronna Benjamin
Without it, you’re screwed. But with it, life can be better…



declutteringDecluttering: Reclaiming My House In Four Days

by Felice Shapiro
I looked at my dirty socks lying by the side of the bed and asked, “Do those socks bring me joy?”






timeA Survey of 50 Mid-life Women: If You Could Relive Time What Time Would You Choose?

by Linda Riefberg
When you look back, what time period would you want to do again?



after50How Sex, Maple Syrup, Extra Weight, And Wine Can Ward Off Dementia

by Roxanne Jones
Let’s all say, “CHEERS!” to these new findings…



60-is-not-the-new-40Why 60 Is SOOOO Not The New 40

by Deborah Carroll
Sixty may be the new 60 and that’s a good thing, but is sure ain’t the new 40 and no one should want it to be.


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