You may have heard of the term “sugar daddy dating,” but what about the term “sugar momma?” Did you know there is a growing trend of women over 50 looking for men who are younger than themselves? You’ve likely heard of them as “cougars.”

Why do women do this? Here’s a look at the reaction from women over 50 who decide to opt for younger men.

They Get Their Youth Back

While dating men their age or slightly older is considered more socially acceptable, there is one main reason for women to date younger men. Those over 50 want to gain some of their youth back. They want to feel decades younger than they really are, and dating a younger man gives them that benefit.

Younger men tend to have more energy. They are more adventurous in and out of the bedroom. These men want to explore more and have fun. Women want to get that feeling of excitement back into their lives, especially if they have just come out of a relationship.

They can’t always get that from men their own age. Older men become set in their ways and just don’t want to change. Women over 50 can feel like their life is coming to an end and it can be depressing. Feeling younger helps to escape the fears.

They Get to Try New Things

It’s easy to find yourself set in your old ways. Women over 50 have developed expectations in life. They see life the way they have done for the past few years. This becomes boring and depressing for many.

They don’t want to stick to the same things over and over again. They want adventure, and they know they can get that from younger men. They know they get to try new things or experience cultures in way they could never before.

Not only do they feel younger, but they feel more energetic and excited about life. They future looks brighter and more vigorous than ever before.

There’s the Sexual Attraction

Just because a woman is over 50 doesn’t mean she’s not sexy. The same can apply to men over 50, but there’s a certain allure for men under that age. Younger men tend to look after their bodies better. They have a naturally youthful and sexy look that is far more alluring.

Sexual attraction is a powerful element in dating. Women want to feel like they want the men in their life; that they want to be with them in the bedroom. This links back to the ability to feel young again. That sexual attraction means they don’t feel like their life is over!

Sometimes You Just Want a Little Fun

Older men tend to look for a deeper connection. They want someone who will help to raise their children (and even their grandchildren). They want someone who will be responsible.

Just because you’re in your 50s doesn’t mean you’re ready to be someone else’s mother. This is especially the case if you’ve never wanted children of your own.

One of the biggest benefits of dating young is the ability to get just that little bit of fun. Younger men don’t always look for solid commitment; something that their own female counterparts look for. They want to bed hop and experience everything in life. If you’re that person, you’re instantly going to be compatible for some excitement.

While there are some people who view sugar mommas with caution, there are certainly many reasons to go for it. Women over 50 are turning to younger men to feel younger themselves and gain excitement in their senior dating life.

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