the 7 biggest lies we tell ourselvesThese lies can take us down in the most unattractive way. Such as:

I can’t do better than my best

Yes you can. Doing your best is essential, no lie. But you can do more. You can look at the bigger picture. You can do your best at the right time, the right place, with the right people. Think back to my story about the fly (stay with me here). You watch as a fly struggles its hardest to escape a closed window only to end up dead on the window sill two days later. It tried its ultimate best to survive. But it didn’t look at the bigger picture, which would have shown an open screen door just 4 feet away. Get it?

That will never happen to me

Want to bet? Whether it involves a relationship, a situation, a decision a circumstance, or a weird weather pattern, you are fair game. And, if you live long enough, the odds are it WILL happen to you. Here’s to a long life!

If I could only (fill in the blank) everything would be perfect

First off, the only thing perfect is our imagination. It’s good to leave it that way. Expectations tend to lead to huge let downs. The truth is, it’s likely your life is missing much more than just one thing to make it flawless. On the other hand, if all you are missing is one stinking thing to make your life perfect, I’d say you were the luckiest person in the universe. Recognize it and have a drink on me.

I’ll never have the money I deserve. The rich get richer but the poor get poorer

Bull! I’ve been dirt poor. More than once. And no one invested in me, gave me a handout or help up. Yet, I’ve made more money than I’m sure I deserved and have often enjoyed a wonderful life. Anyone can do this. I’m not brilliant (it hurt to type that), but if you have a vision, a plan, a passion and the guts to put yourself out there, the odds are with you. I should know, I’ve done it myself with five successful careers in my life.

I’m not fat, I’m fluffy

Chances are if you call yourself fluffy, you are fat. I know this from personal experience. Cats are fluffy. People are overweight. By the way, so is most of America. So do what you can: stay away from the pizza, french-fries, and mouthwatering Viktor Benes Bakery cherry pie that you would sell your mother for, and move around a little more. As a dear friend of mine would say “eat less, move more.” The irony is, we can only change what we own up to. Fluffy isn’t a health threat. Fat is.

If I love him/her, she/he will change

Don’t bet the farm on it. Love is rarely enough motive for anyone to change a habit, attitude or personality characteristic. There have been many a relationship that hit the skids long before they hit divorce court because they coupled with this adorable sentiment. If this is what you are thinking, save yourself a lot of grief, lawyers’ fees and years of your life. Run like a bat out of hell. You’re in the wrong place with the wrong person. You’ll thank me later.

It doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what I do

This is the mortal lie. Fact: You don’t listen to anyone more than you listen to yourself. If you are giving yourself reasons why you can’t succeed, prosper, create, move up, then you are drilling holes in the very ship that is to take you across the ocean that is your life. Self-thought leads to action. Good or bad.

Because, my friend, what you think about yourself is exactly what others will think of you.

Something to think about.

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