What a week! There is no getting around it, last week was exhausting and nail biting. My guess is most people will be able to say where they were when they were waiting for the 2020 Presidential election results, like most historic events we have lived through.

I can’t imagine I will ever forget where I was when I heard the words that will become embedded as key words in my brain this past week. We were told to be Patient as we awaited the results of who would be our next President as we flipped between all the networks watching democracy play out as every vote was counted. We were told to stay Positive and calm, we were told that this would be a time for Possibilities and the 4th P sadly, that this is the worst week of the Pandemic and the surge is not letting up.

Night after night my kids and I sat on the couch out in California, and watched, waited and talked. We talked about what would happen if the election was called either way. We were amazed by how close the numbers were between the candidates. We talked about how our Perspective (another P word), was not aligned with what we were seeing reflected in the tallies. And as we Processed, we were keenly aware that we were watching a Real Time history lesson.

It’s hard not to write about this historic event even though BA50 is not and never has been defined as Political. And as I write this blog, I am really taken aback by something I witnessed on our Instagram that completely threw me for a loop and reinforced how different our reactions and take aways are on the same subject, no matter how universal we may believe them to be.

I am speaking of Kamala Harris becoming the first woman to break through the political glass ceiling. The first woman to be elected to the highest office of the land. And if that’s not historic enough, a woman of mixed race who is over 50. A true BA50. This is historic and worthy of mention. And so, we posted just that.

Then the comments started to roll in and they were astounding. At the time of this writing there are over 600 comments and we did not take any down. The truth is our team was astounded by the extent of hate and malice in the comments as we read every one.

Once again I was reminded that we are all students of how many in our country think and the truth is, I was saddened. With over 92K followers on BA50’s Instagram, I don’t give a damn about those who threatened to unfollow us, and that is not why I am writing this.

Reading these comments is a reminder of how much work we all have to do so that we can learn to have a civil discourse, cooperate and grow and move forward. So on our own home page I had to call upon the very 3 P’s that had been reinforced last week during our collective couch fatigue; Patience, Positivity, Possibilities, amidst our challenging Pandemic during this shift of Presidents.

What do you think? Feel free to jump on our Instagram and let us know. Below is the post as it appears on our Instagram page.

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Our country has spoken. No matter who you voted for or supported in the election I think we can all agree it is an HISTORIC DAY for women! . 1st FEMALE Vice President, 1st Black Female VP and 1st South Asian VP. A proud day for women!! Congratulations Madame Vice President @kamalaharris Thank you for paving the way for other women to play REALLY BIG. . . . . Photo credit: @elleusa . #kamalaharris #2020presidentialelection #womenempoweringwomen #empoweredwomen #ageisjustanumber #shedidit #womensupportingwomen #womeninspiringwomen #womenempowerment #healthymonday #betterafter50 #aginggracefully #fabover50 #50andfabulous #gettingolder #olderandwiser #midlifewomen #thisis50 #50isthenew30 #over50andfabulous #aginggratefully #embraceyourage #womenmakinghistory #celebratingwomen

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