telling-secretsI never promised that it would be a quick and easy journey to find a romantic partner in midlife. A solid loving relationship is very special, and it could take some time until you find that wonderful partner. But it doesn’t have to be as exasperating as most people make it. Once you understand how to prioritize what you’re looking for, you’ll decrease your frustration and increase your dating and relationship success.

The number one secret that will change your love life is…

Learn to rule a man into instead of out of your life. In other words, look for the good in a man, and stop focusing on the wrong things.

Do you ever find yourself on a first date with a critical eye on the man sitting across the table, trying to catch him doing something wrong? “He’s five minutes late. He must be unreliable!” Or, “Look what he’s wearing! He must be an inconsiderate jerk if he didn’t take time to pick out a decent outfit.”  While some judgment is necessary in deciding if someone is a good fit, harsh judgments and assumptions can be detrimental to your love life.

If you jump to quick conclusions rather than looking deeper into a man’s core, you could be overlooking a great guy.

So, if he shows up on the first date with mismatched socks and stonewashed jeans from ten years ago, give him a break.

If he spews hatred about his ex, pay close attention. This could be a sign of poor character. And that’s a relationship breaker.

Forgive the occasional stupid joke. Don’t forgive cruel comments to the waiter.

I’d like to encourage you to rule more men in instead of out. Give the short guy a chance. Cut a break to the sweet shy guy. He might be a hidden treasure just waiting to be discovered by yours truly!

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