I have a body part that has developed a mind of her own. She was invisible to me for most of our lives together; just a piece of my body puzzle that required no special attention. I actually barely even thought about her because she has 4 other sisters who have kept her in good company. For most of her life she’s been content and quiet. But that was then before I entered my fifties. Lately she’s gotten cranky and barely resembles her former youthful self.

Even worse, she has developed a voice of her own.

I’m talking about my right big toe. She tells me stuff I don’t want to hear. I thought we were friends but not so much now. This old toe has become like that friend who is so persistent and needy and hard to embrace. My big toe is that kind of friend. I can’t shake her off and I really don’t want to because I truly love her. We’re in for life and I need to learn to embrace her and accept that she isn’t the most perfect companion. I can live with her way more than I can live without her.

The other day, I noticed she had gotten very thick around the middle. I didn’t want to make her feel self conscious but there was something so unhealthy about this swollen look. I would have recommended the South Beach Diet or some other cleanse but I this wasn’t the kind of help that was needed.

So, I contemplated my toe as I calmly caressed her in what had now become our tete to toe ritual.

“I need you to settle down.” I said in my calmest voice.

“I know you are there, I’m not ignoring you. Actually, since you’ve become a little more active lately, unlike your other toe friends, I have decided you do indeed need more attention and we are going to work on that together. We are going to do a little therapy.”

So I took my big toe to therapy and the toe-puncturist needled it and pulled at it and tried to give it a little space of it’s own.

“AHHHH, I don’t like that toe-puncturist,” screamed my big aching toe. “Since when is aggressive a good thing? I like it best when you hold me and rub me. That’s what calms me down.”

“I know, I know that whole self soothing thing is what you need, but it’s all so temporary. You are so damn moody. I want you just to chill, I really do.”

And that’s when I walked my Big Aching Toe over to the pot store in Edwards, Colorado and bought it a gift.

I had a long talk with the darling woman with the nose ring and green hair who was incredibly knowledgeable. She patiently walked me through the salve section the tinctures and the vapes. There was THC for joint pain and gummy bears that could certainly talk to my toe when I wasn’t willing to. But, after an extensive browse I settled on Wranglers Relief with a tag line of “Tame Your Pain.”

This tin of salve housed it’s very own spa therapy. It was a 4-course massage meal for my toe. The aroma was delicious and the texture sensual and the magic ingredient was the ever-transporting THC. Coconut oil, coca butter, shea butter, almond oil, activated THC cannabis oil, arnica, calendula, lemon peel, mandarin orange peel, spearmint oil infused in St. Johns Wart, arnica flowers and peppermint with cayenne.

I lay on the couch and massaged my toe with a “liberal” dose as instructed and quietly waited to feel its effects.

Within 30 minutes, my big toe was humming a soft sweet tune, gentle like a lullaby. There was no back talk, no whining or nagging just a quiet sweet tune. And, I closed my eyes and smiled. My toe had joined her 4 other sisters. She was tucked in with her girls and had become a team player.

My big toe and I are so pleased with our new found remedy we have decided its worth the risk of flying home, past the drug sniffing dogs. We have found a way to be together, calmly, respectfully and compassionately.

I’m just hoping, since I’ve worked so hard on this relationship if I could ask my big toe to walk with me in a 3 inch pair of Prada dress shoes I’ve been eyeing. But, we’ll get to that soon enough.


P.S. There is not link to my favorite Salve but here’s a milder option on Amazon. Click here….



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