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Irresistible Children’s Clothing for Nana’s to Buy

Attention Nana’s, Gigi’s, Grandma’s and what other names are we using? Please share with us the name you decided on and how you chose it. You can weigh in on our Facebook and Instagrams — we are always inspired by you. Anyway, for those of you lucky enough to have grandkids, we are betting you haven’t been able to resist a little shopping. My husband and I will soon have 6 grand daughters from 6 on down. I have to say, it’s easy to be a good shopper because there’s plenty of temptation out there but there are definitely things that the kids love…. Like magnetic closures, super soft PJ’s. Onesies and dresses with leggings. It’s hard to show up without a little dress, or PJ’s or some goodie and so thought we would share some of our favorite sources for kids clothing...

Flying Ageless: Delta Flight Attendant Inspired Us

"I've been with Delta for 50 years." "What, how is that possible? You would be, what, omg, I don't want to even do the math." She laughed, "I am 72 years old, I started at 22 and it's been the best job on the planet." "You look amazing, I never would have guessed, you have no wear and tear on you." "It's my DNA, my whole family looks young but maybe because I had kids later in life, they have kept me young. My boys are 24 and 22." Again, we were calculating. "You had your kids when you were 52 and 54? I mean that's also incredible." "Yes I did, I had a surrogate both times. You want to see their pictures?" Click here to read more.......