carole kingCarole King is one of the defining voices of our generation. We grew up singing her hits, and her influence endures to this day. (There’s even a smash musical, “Beautiful,“ about King’s life, running on Broadway.) Decades after we first heard them, we still remember every word.  Don’t believe us? Just take this — not entirely serious — little quiz.
I feel the earth move
1) after my Jello shots.
2) under my feet.
3) because I’m on the treadmill.
4) because I live in California.
It would be so fine to see your face
1)  on a Wanted poster at the post office.
2)  at my door
3)  so I’d better schedule that cataract surgery I’ve been putting off.
You just call out my name and you know wherever I am, I’ll
1) Friend you on Face Book and follow you on Twitter.
2) come running to see you again.
3) disconnect the phone and hide under the bed.
Come on baby, do the ___ with me.
1) laundry
2) dishes
3) Sunday crossword
4) Loco-motion
Baby it’s too late, though we really did try to
1) get away from the hustling crowds.
2) talk with a man with a shotgun in his hand.
3) make it.
There’s room enough for two
1) more cats.
2) in my new Kia.
3) up on the roof.
Where you lead I will
1) sing harmony.
2) follow.
3) not follow, because I wasn’t born to follow.
4) find a paradise that’s trouble proof.
You make me feel like a natural
(1) disaster
(2) ingredient
(3) woman
Something tells me I’m Into something
1) illegal.
2) chocolate.
3) light and breezy.
4) good.
You’ve got a _____
1) lotta nerve.
2) refund from the IRS.
2) slipped disc.
4) friend.
Will you still love me ____
1) when I’m 64?
2) tomorrow?
3) after you see the dent I put in your car?
One Fine Day, you’re going to want me ____
1) for your girl.
2) for your bowling team.
3) to sell those old 45s on Ebay.
4) to go see “Beautiful” with you.
You aced it, right? Not only that, but you’re probably going to have Carole’s music in your head for the rest of the day.
You’re welcome.
This essay first appeared in zestnow.
Roz Warren writes for the New York Times, the Funny Times, the Huffington Post and the Christian Science Monitor. Visit her website, connect with her on Facebook at or follow her on Twitter @WriterRozWarren
Janet Golden is a humorist and history professor.
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