time for changeEven though summer has just about wrapped up, a lot of us are still riding the summer wave, soaking up the sun’s rays, even imagining there is blue sky behind the clouds creeping in.

What frame of mind are you in? In summer, we are naturally in a better mood, and the farthest thing from our mind is . . . school!

Okay, so let’s make school part of our geography of the moment. The weather is clear, the horizons sharp. How would it feel to be in a clear, sharp frame of mind? Imagine you could look far ahead, every day, with clarity and feel the sun shining on your life. With the right tools, you can create success in your life for the fall and embrace a new and proactive frame of mind.

What can you learn from going back to school?

“Going back to school” means embracing a more structured environment and preparing for routine. It’s a kind of renewal, symbolizing the change of season and the start of new learning. It’s a time to revisit priorities and values and to surrender to a more designed life—because, as the days get shorter, our need to fit into the organization of our lives grows.

Whether you are actually going back to school or your children are, it’s important to take some time from the free flow of summer to plan. What about books and supplies? What about your or your children’s wardrobe? Time to clear out those overstuffed closets and update?

When I went back to university as a mature student, I organized my outfits so that, in the morning, I could be out the door in a flash, drop my son off at school and be on my way without thinking about how I would look to my less mature classmates.

Some of us like to get a new haircut for the fall, a new look for the season to come. Some start new hobbies and others let go of unwanted things. What steps would signify renewal and reframing for you?

Fall Time-Off

Though the word “staycation” has fallen off the radar, what hasn’t entirely disappeared is the recession. So traveling may not have been on your calendar this summer.

Why not take a break this fall? Maybe a trip out of town to recharge and stretch the summer out just a little longer? With the cooler weather and lower prices, now is a great time to take advantage of off-peak travel opportunities.

Try Virtual Travel

Is your budget still tight? Embrace the going-back-to-school frame of mind and travel the world through books.

I’ve just finished reading a story set in the Glénan Islands, a group of islands in the Atlantic off windy Brittany. With endless white beaches, appearing and disappearing with the tides, these islands and their stormy, unpredictable weather were side-protagonists in this thriller, which told the story of snobbish Detective Dupin, who had been sent off to this remote community to solve a violent crime—and was suffering from sea sickness.

The book, called Lunedì nero per il commissario Dupin, by Jean-Luc Bannalec, transported me to a European country I had never visited, immersed me in rich French wines and entertained me at intimate family restaurants. The meals at the Quattro Venti Restaurant were so succulent, I felt I was dining with all the murder suspects.

This fall, choose a book set in another country or in a city you have always wanted to visit, and travel in your imagination. Enjoy the thrill of discovery—and the freedom from airport security and delayed flights.

Or go to a movie or two. Only Lovers Left Alive took me to Tangiers, as well as the grunge music scene of Detroit. It’s a beautiful love story of a profound, century-long relationship, with a cultural message of how we humans are damaging our surroundings. Trip to Italy allowed me to travel to Italy without having to visit my parents, making it the most enjoyable and relaxed trip I’ve had to Italy in decades. Amazing scenery, amazing food, no extra calories or dangerous cholesterol. Win-win all the way!

Who doesn’t need a few hours of laughter and world travel? Get into the going-back-to-school frame of mind and upgrade, read, travel! It’s time to open yourself up to new possibilities.

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