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The Side Boob Should Not Replace Old-Fashioned Cleavage

The side boob -- the horizontal cleavage -- it's a thing! With Oscar night still weeks away, boobs have been front and center in 2023. Selena Gomez got it exactly right at the aptly-named Golden Globes, wearing a black Valentino off-the-shoulder dress with a notch for cleavage. But there’s a new trend, the horizontal rather than vertical cleavage; I call it the Side Boob. In front, the neckline plummets to the belly button. Each side may also be revealed. But, of course, not everybody can or should wear this look. Heidi Klum defied gravity in a gold and chain number at this year’s Globes. Tefi Pessoa stood out at the Globes in a Tom Ford gown that left little to the imagination had it not been for her Rapunzel hair covering her nipples. Harry Styles bared his tattoo-covered chest in a jumpsuit that could have been an homage to the 1970s Osmond brothers. Oscar night this year is March 12. The Big Event always brings the mother of all hype. You can’t always depend on a Will Smith moment, but you can always count on the exposure of flesh. Tried and true, most women arrive with their best assets up front and center. Last year comedian and host Amy Schumer wore the Side Boob, and her chest looked like grapefruits in a grocery sack. Schumer is beautiful but needs wires like the Roebling brothers used for the Brooklyn Bridge........