Oprah's Super Soul

BA50 Recommends: Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast Interview With Arthur Brooks…Strength to Strength

BA50 LOVES Oprah's Super Soul Podcast and on April 6th  Oprah talked to Harvard Professor, social scientist and author Arthur Brooks about his #1 New York Times bestselling new book, From Strength to Strength: Finding Happiness and Success at Every Stage of Life.   This podcast is truly the perfect gift of advice and insights and inspiration for BA50s. We learn about the key to happiness in the context of our priorities: faith, family, real friends and service. We learn that no matter what stage of life you are with this mindset and commitment comes greater happiness which is really relevant for those of us who are empty nested and looking for meaning at this stage. I particularly love the way Brooks embraces difficult situations. He says that every 5 years we have life quakes and these are the moments that create the most meaning. Most people spend too much time trying to avoid unpleasant choices but in fact this is where we do our best learning and growing....