Hey everyone, I hope you have been enjoying my adventures on Exodus, our home in the Caribbean. I write this from an anchorage off an island just north of Grenada, with only Boobies (really) for company. This has been an amazing “time out” for me, and I have enjoyed writing about the experience. Mike and I will be leaving the boat “on the hard” next week for the hurricane season, going back to Boston for a few months, essentially taking a break from our break.

Betterafter50.com will also be taking a bit of a break this summer, concentrating on our fabulous fashion friday newsletter and keeping up with all the fun, wonderful things that better after 50 women care about on our very popular Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Be sure to follow us on all the social media of your choice so you don’t miss a thing! We will also be publishing some of our favorite pieces that you might have missed- but you shouldn’t have!

I will chronicle Part 2 of my adventures on Exodus- this time in the Western Caribbean- from Curacao to Aruba, Columbia, Panama, San Blas, Nicaragua, Honduras, Belize beginning in the fall when we return and splash the boat in the water in early October!

As they say in Grenada, I hope everyone has a blessed summer (which is eerily what they also say on the Handmaid’s Tale) and please enjoy this last (until fall) column:

In the summer of 2012, when I was a spry 53 and a little bit of a health and exercise nut, I trained for and completed a sprint triathlon, a race consisting of three sports – a swim, a bike, a run. I wrote about the experience here.

That was my one and only triathlon. One and done (and not won and done.)  I really hated the running part anyway.

Even if I had the inclination to do another (I didn’t), it would have been hard to fit it in. That summer Mike and I purchased Exodus, and weekends became not opportunities for training with a long swim or bike or a (dreaded) run, but for sailing.

But it was a comment my eldest daughter made a few days ago, after Mike and I described our day to her, that made me laugh (and confirm she is brilliant) and reflect back to my sprint triathlon. That day, Mike and I had gone for a swim off the boat, we had taken two local buses to hike a mountain with some friends, and we enjoyed a couple of rum punches at the rum bar at the bottom (there is ALWAYS a rum bar at the bottom here in Grenada.) After a shower there were, of course, sundowners with more rum.

And without a beat, my daughter responded, “Oh, a cruiser triathlon: Swim, hike, rum.

Indeed, swim, hike, rum!

I suppose you could say we have become quite accomplished cruiser triathletes.

There is nothing better than jumping over the side of the boat into clear, aqua blue salty warm water, and taking a nice long swim.

There is nothing better than hiking up a mountain, enjoying the views, getting muddy, wondering how the hell you are ever going to make it down with your tired and overworked knees.

And there is nothing better than enjoying a rum punch (or two) to celebrate getting down in one piece. And then having another (or two) while enjoying a sunset.

Swim, hike, rum… this kind of triathlon is surely not one and done.  I can’t wait to do it again. I am just wondering if that kind of triathlon exists on land also.

Anyone interested in trying to find one with me this summer?  The training will be awesome.

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