How many times have you fallen asleep on a hot summer’s night and woken up with your sheets drenched in sweat? Finding breathable and lightweight bedding is a necessity for summer, especially if your AC is not up to par (or worse, you don’t have any AC!) Moreover, a good set of temperature-friendly bedding is useful year-round for anyone who gets hot flashes. If you don’t already have your go-to bedding for summer, these are some great options that’ll be a relieving treat for you and your partner!

Linen Sheets Whereas jersey knits and sateen will keep you warm for winter, linens and cottons are more breathable making them optimal for summer. This beautiful Amagansett Linen Flat Sheet is a lightweight weather-appropriate option.

Cotton PercaleCotton percale is another option as it’s known for its crisp feel. This Cotton Percale Sheet Set provide a refreshing night’s sleep.

QuiltsWhile your switching out your sheets for summer, it’s also important to swap out your winter comforter to stay cool in the summer, especially if it’s a heavy plush material. A quilt has less volume than a traditional comforter making it lighter and cooler. This Levtex Quilt is 100% cotton and is reversible!

Organic Cotton100% organic cotton sheets are free from treated chemicals meaning they’re better for your skin (especially if you’re prone to rashes or allergies). West Elm has a variety of organic cotton choices like this Chevron Stripe Sheet Set.

Woven BlanketsIf you’re like me, you always keep a blanket on your bed. In the summer, it can be difficult to get the right balance of layers; sleeping with just a top sheet can be too cold but add the comforter and you overheat. A Light Blanket is perfect to keep at the bottom of your bed incase you want that extra layer without the heaviness.

Silk PillowcasesWhen I begin to overheat, my head is the part of my body that feels it the most. Sometimes I’ll even flip my pillow over to get the cooling sensation of the other side. This Slipsilk Pillowcase is 100% silk which is less absorbent than other fibers meaning it won’t soak up moisture from your skin (AKA you won’t wake up in a pool of sweat).

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