You’re enjoying a beautiful day, relaxing and soaking up the sun, and BAM, it hits you. The bright red skin and awful sting, the dreaded sunburn. As we age, it is so important to keep our skin protected from damaging UV rays. Sun damage can lead to premature aging and reduce skin’s elasticity which can be especially harmful to the face, so it’s important to have the proper sun coverage. So, what are our options if we still want to be outside but don’t want the negative effects? Sun hats are the perfect accessory because they not only provide protection, they actually let you enjoy the weather without having to slather on SPF 100 every 10 minutes. Did we mention they’re really cute too? These are our favorite sun hats, which one do you love?Wallaroo Hat Company is an amazing brand that aims to prevent the threat of skin cancer with their stylish sun hats. Not only do they donate a portion of each sale to the Skin Care Foundation, they combine practicality with fashion to create a wide range of hats in a variety of colors and styles. We love their Women’s Scrunchie Sun Hat, a floppy and flattering hat that folds multiple times without losing its shape making it perfect to pack on your next vacay!Another favorite of ours is this Mesa Packable Straw Hat. A classic natural straw hat with black band, this travel-friendly hat will be sure to shield you from those harmful rays.A great option if you’re looking for something that won’t scrub your hair is a visor. The Wallaroo Aqua Sun Visor is a lightweight quick-drying hat that comes in 9 different colors to match your style.If you want a smaller shape than your typically large floppy sun hat, check out this Lulu Squishee Straw Hat. The short brim is easy to move around in while frayed trim creates a beach-y boho vibe. The wooded bead and shell trim on this Wallaroo Ellie Sun Hat gives an outdoorsy feel to this hat and makes it an ideal choice for the upcoming season.Go for something fun and bright like this Wallaroo Victoria Hat in coral. The simplistic design makes a bold pop of color very wearable and it comes in 19 other awesome colors!


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