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Performing a closet cleanse really has no season. If your personal space is a hellhole, then you have permission to change that any week of the year.

With that said, there are two times of the year that are key to assessing, purging, and starting fresh – the beginning of Fall and the beginning of Spring.

So here we are – at the beginning of Fall. Cliché’s abound – the turning leaves, the shorter days, the fading tan and the sound of the furnace groaning into action.

What’s louder for you, your furnace or your mumbling as you start to transition from open toe to closed toe shoes?

Stop whining and get on with the task at hand. Accept that you have too much crap in your closet and you are tired of moving it in between seasonal spaces and realizing, seriously, I didn’t wear that this summer either?

nothingtowearThis is where we separate the men from the boys. It’s time to have that honest chat with yourself. Didn’t wear it? Why not?? This isn’t rocket science Lucille. The ‘why not’ no doubt is that it did not make you feel pretty. And if you don’t feel pretty, even your morning java leaves you disappointed!

Now you may not be down for an entire closet edit today, after all I have yet to work with a client who actually had that on her schedule (which is why of course she is now my client). But today, you actually are taking the time to sort out the summer things, the white jeans, the maxi dresses, the sleeveless tops, the linen shirts, the strappy shoes, wedges and sandals. You are actually touching those – have you not heard the term touch it once? Epic advice.

And as always, my advice is touch it by category. So there you have it – maybe it is rocket science! Touch it by category and touch it once!

As you touch it, ask yourself – does it fit, does it flatter and did it actually function this past season? If the only action an item gets is the annual trip to and fro the attic, then it’s time to release that item from bondage and put it up for adoption. Someone else will love it – even Good Will!

Save yourself the agida of the move and the future dread of pulling out the same old, same old next Spring.

Come on ladies, our bodies change, our tastes change, our skin and hair pigment changes and even our schedules and activities change. Let’s make sure our wardrobe actually matches who you are right now, what body type you are sporting, what style you like and most importantly what clothing makes you feel like the pretty woman you are!

Life is short – dress with purpose!

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Confidence Is Always In Style!

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