Your hair can get pretty beaten up over the summer if you like to swim in pools or the ocean. Here’s some new products for the summer to help you deal with sun, salt and summer. This is a great round up from Bee Shapiro of the New York Times.

“Chlorine can be quite the land mine. Blondes and those with highlights will want to coat their hair before taking a dip. “Water itself is actually super damaging to hair,” Dr. Bowe said. “When your hair gets wet, the hair fibers themselves will swell. That will make your hair very weak and vulnerable to damage.”

An at-home solution is to slather your hair in something that coats, like coconut oil, before going for a swim. IGK recently released Blocked Water-Resistant Hair Shield($29), a creamy wax designed to prevent water from entering the cuticle. “It’s like swim cap for the hair without actually wearing one,” Mr. Grenia of IGK said.



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