sandalsSummertime and the living is easy. Maybe in June Cleaver’s day! Summertime means stressful sandal shopping! I cannot tell you how large the sandal category is in the client closet graveyard!

“Why do you have so many sandals,” I ask?

And their response, “They looked good in the store and then I actually wore them – once!”

And yet, here they continue to ‘live on’ to infinity and beyond. Seriously, your foot issues are not going to change, so ditch the blister makers and forge ahead.

Here’s Webster’s take on sandal/s. Sandal – A shoe consisting of a sole of leather or other material fastened to the foot by thongs or straps.

Just the definition conjures up the ‘Red Room of Pain’. Whereas we don’t have Christian Grey to cool us down with his deftly held ice cubes, we are on our own to navigate the treacherous world of thongs and straps.

Here’s a short tongue-in-cheek (foot-in-thong) list to define your hang-ups stylishly.

Munro SlingbackGot Bitchy Bunions?
It’s one thing to deal with the pain of bunions, it’s another to cover them up gracefully. As I look down in the shower and have my morning conversation with mine, it always starts the same way, “Oh hello, why are you still here?” I wish I had buyers remorse – I wish I had them ‘fixed’ in my twenties when the after pain could have easily been managed with a toke of this or a sip of that.

As a BA50, the thought of wearing a big blue boot (or two) and popping a pill conjures up visions of Alice In Wonderland – with no guaranteed little pill to get me out of the damn house. If you are getting trumped by your bitchy bunions, try these Munro sandals. They are amazingly comfortable, stylish, and available in many colors and most importantly they cover up the bunions so not only won’t you have to see them, but your peers won’t either! Munro Slingback

Via Spiga FlatGot Hunger Games Hangover?
Spending a good amount of time in Harvard Square? Then you’ll fit right in with these. Let’s call this functionally fashionable. These say, “Leave me alone, I will wear what I want including my piercings and linen crop pants.” I admit it’s a look, but try not to make it a 24/7 look, unless of course you are trying to attract other Panem dwellers. Via Spiga Flat   

Got Absent Arches?
Vionic OrthaheelIf arch support is a must in order to fully function on your feet, then stay away from those super flat sandals. They tend to look the best and cost the most, but they might really cost you in the podiatrist office! Check out the Orthaheel options on Zappos. Just search by foot issue – no shortage of categories there! Vionic Orthaheel

Got Vertical Challenges?
BP Wedge
If you are vertically challenged you may (I said may) want to consider risking your ankles and wearing a wedge. Yes, most BA50’s will balk at this, but many ladies out there love a traditional platform wedge. They love the added vertical inches to their frame, the platform under the toe bed so the pitch isn’t so painful and they love being strapped in. So don’t shoot the messenger here. This category seems to have the most options second to the flat sandals! BP Wedge

Got 50 Shades Syndrome?
Steve Madden
Have a need for over the top bondage? Looking to make a serious style statement or a major fashion faux pas? Then these are the fuel for that fire! This is the perfect example of a not caving to a trend. Be sure to send along a pic of what your calves look like after wearing these for eight hours. And we thought the pre-lycra fishnet stockings were bad! Steve Madden

These tips, and many more, are included in my recently published book Confidence Is Always In Style.

And remember – you are pretty! Need convincing? Let’s spend some time on the phone.
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