Small but mighty–that‚Äôs what we think of the Stocking Stuffers in this list that we had such fun compiling. There are just a few (short) ¬†Christmas Stockingsweeks left before Christmas, and hopefully you‚Äôve already taken care of your parents, the other BA50s in your life, and your adult children. ¬†Now it‚Äôs on to the more light-hearted stuff. Many of these suggestions are small enough to fit inside Christmas stockings, but don’t let the size fool you…they’re all special enough to provide the giftee with a heavy dose of glee.




Heat Wave Reusable Pocket Hand Warmers Use these pocket hand warmers when the weather outside is frightful, and in 20 seconds your paws will feel delightful. They’re reusable (up to 500 times), and will come in handy at football games, on long walks, and going over the river and through the woods.

Man Cans¬† If scented candles for men sounds sort of like a “sissy” idea, any “manly man” will be happy to know that they come in real soup cans that have been donated to soup kitchens, cleaned out and refilled with scents like “Hot Cocoa,” “Santa’s Beard,” and ¬†“Bacon.” And so far, 65,000 meals have been donated.candles for men from soup cans Quirky Tether Stemware Saver ¬†These ingenious little tubes allow you to “tether” your stemmed wine glasses so that they can be safely washed in the dishwasher. (Because we all know how much fun it is having to hand wash those suckers after a late dinner party.)

Lunchskins¬†¬†These reusable lunch bags were created by “mompreneurs” (we LOVE that) and are dishwasher safe and BPA free. Over 120 million plastic baggies have been saved from the landfill since “brown baggers” have started using them (and we LOVE that too!)

Deep Tea Diver The ultimate gift for every tea drinker you know brings a bit of whimsy to an otherwise plain cuppa tea. (The Deep Tea Diver paired with a bag of special tea can turn this stocking stuffer into an under-the-tree gift.)

diver tea holderCoop’s Hot Fudge Sauce¬† Made locally in Massachusetts by Coop’s MicroCreamery, this luscious sauce contains no preservatives or corn syrup. It IS delicious, but we’d buy it for the jar alone!

hot fudge sauce from watertown Every Drop Beauty Spatula¬† You know that old tag line, “Good to the last drop?” We believe it was about coffee, but once this beauty spatula is used, it can also apply to lotions and potions. The spatula can fit into most nooks and crannies so that every penny’s worth of that very expensive face cream can be scraped out of its jar.

Eos Lemon Drop Lip Balm¬†¬†We’ve been told that this smooth sphere lip balm is a hit with both the females¬†and¬†males out there. The shape facilitates¬†precise gliding on lips, and it has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Piggy Paint Nail Polish  For the little diva. This polish is perfect, colorful, and kid friendly (meaning non-toxic).

Cupcake Bandages¬† Into each life some boo-boos must “fall,” and that goes for big girls as well as little ones. These bandages will cover up the hurt with a cupcake…and they are calorie-free! bandages shaped like cupcakesStory Cubes¬†¬†This pocket-sized game, for all ages, allows you to create stories inspired by pictures on dice. (Sounds complicated, but it’s not–believe us.) Terrific activity for a cold night–OK, a G-Rated activity.

Personalized Home State Address Stamp¬† We’re from Alabama and we couldn’t be prouder! (Or Texas or Florida or…). A personalized address stamp with a silhouette of the sender’s home state will send that message loud and clear (and save them the trouble of having to scream it). Perfect for someone who’s just relocated.

rubber stamp home state address labels

Macaroon Earphone Cord Holder  Great idea for keeping your earbud cords tangle-free and handy. They come in cute colors and no instructions needed!

Custom Photo iPhone Cover¬† Smartphone covers come in so many wild and crazy patterns, but an actual photo of a loved one, a pet or a memorable place you’ve been will make you smile every time that phone rings.

Universal Travel Power Plug with USB Adaptor ¬† Our friend Anne Parris gave us this idea, and we think it’s a perfect gift for anyone who’s traveling sooner (or later). We found an adaptor that even has a USB charger on the side for extra convenience.

Smartphone Key Prop¬† From our friend Cassie Murray, here’s the “key”¬†to hands-free selfies and shakeless videos! Such a simple idea, now why didn’t ¬†WE think of that?

key propPocket Spotlight Another one from Cassie Murray and for all the iPhone photogs out there. The spotlight provides¬†a continuous light source that you can mount to your phone’s headphone jack.

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