We are hoping this category in 2014 will be full of marital bliss and love stories, but this year, the most popular Still Married After 50 articles had a bit of an edge….

Sleep Divorce

by Mimi Golub
Many modern houses are now adding a snore chamber to the master bedroom…



Is Sexting Cheating?

by Walker Thornton
While we hold our noses when Anthony Weiner’s name comes up, he’s not alone—by far.



Is a Sexless Marriage Reason To Divorce?

by Shannon Bradley-Colleary
She clung to one simple truth, “I can’t live the rest of my life without passion.”



Guide to the Classic Cheater… Caught!

by “Elle”
At first, my husband told me I was just wrong when I said I thought something was “going on” with him and his assistant. I kept pressing…




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