womanpinkconvertibleNo matter the winter, no matter the weather, no matter the date, we can all feel when it is coming to an end. Maybe it is a teaser 60-degree day and you felt that Spring promise while the sun warmed your cheek through the car window.

It feels hopeful, it feels exciting and most of all it feels fresh. Then, the next day, because after all it is New England, we are back to freezing rain! Fear not – wait 24 hours and that feeling of hope will return.

That is what I want you to get ready for. I want you to be READY to shed the fluffy cardigans, the clunky boots and maybe even a few pounds!

Shopper2Do you remember, when you were young, the anticipation for the special days – first days of school, birthday parties or holiday celebrations? Most of these events were polished with a new outfit, new shoes or both. On those days you probably looked forward to getting dressed, maybe even laid your outfit out at night and got up a few minutes early to punctuate the process.

It is this ‘feeling’ that I want to duplicate for you.

As Arthur Ashe said in one of my favorite quotes, “The secret to success is self confidence, the secret to self confidence is preparation.“

Let’s prepare to be prepared! Let’s get a few new items in your wardrobe to titillate the senses, to inspire creativity and to boost your self-confidence by boosting your style.

Let’s begin:

  1. StuffedSuitcaseAre any of you over-packers? Do you go on a three-day trip with nine pair of pants? Let me guess, six pair go unworn. Let’s transfer that math problem over to your closet. Now is the perfect time to throw open your closet doors and play the game, “Who didn’t come out to function this winter?” Go right through every item in your closet and physically take out those babies that didn’t budge this last season and place them on the bed by category – pants, skirts, sweaters, etc. Now is the time to ask why do I keep these and potentially move them to the donate pile.
  2. Do any of you have tight closet space? Of course you do! But guess what? You probably just pulled thirty items out of your closet. Let’s make a plan to replace those thirty with perhaps ten fabulous items – new things you will be excited to wear! You might even find them displayed the night before, anxiously waiting to make you look great!
  3. Do you have a running grocery list? Then you should have a running wardrobe list. Start with the basics, if it is worn out, too tight or out of style – pop that on the list. Those are the perfect items to wait for a sale for – why pay full price for a new pair of black pants?
  4. Are you an iCal gal? Then why aren’t your needs on the schedule? List the events that you have coming up over the next six months over on your wardrobe list. I find so many women waste tons of money shopping the night before – also know as a panic purchasing. Nine times out of ten you end up hating something about it, the fit, the color or here’s the worst one – the price – because of course you had to pay full price in order to literally wear it out of the store. Learn to shop with intention, learn to shop with purpose!
  5. And lastly, do you like dessert? Oh, don’t bullshit me, you love dessert! Now that you have taken care of deleting the crap, replacing the basics and tweaking your social calendar, you are ready for the finishing touches. Buying a few things just for the hell of it! Looking for something pleasing, sexy, sassy and sophisticated so you can pack those few things ONLY for your next trip and catch a glimpse of yourself looking sexy, sassy and sophisticated while the sun shines brightly through your wide open car window, or what the heck – put the top down!

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