For women over 50 in particular, sleep is one of the most discussed topics amongst my peers and sharing a better sleep routine is something we are all interested in. So, when I was contacted to partner with the company Stop Aging Now who have 20+ years experience in crafting quality supplements backed by research to help you live a longer, better life. to try their product DreamWell ULRA, I was game as it is a natural sleep remedy. The product features clinically studied PharmaGABA® to combat feelings of stress, anxiety and nervousness which are definitely the big issues around sleep deprivation.

It is not rocket science to know that sleep deprivation impedes our daily functioning on multiple levels. Not only does lack of sleep effect our mental well being but, when we are exhausted, we look it and that makes us feel worn out and can affect our skin. Name one woman who wants to walk around looking like they’ve just arrived on the red eye? 

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Perhaps we didn’t notice as much about not getting enough sleep when we were raising our kids because we were on their schedule? But, now we are on our own sleep schedules and can’t blame it on the kids and lying with eyes wide open in the middle of the night can not only be exhausting, waring and anxiety producing, it makes us impatient and can create tension in our relationships as well.

So what should we do about having a good nights sleep? Well, since I really don’t take medicine, I have had to resort to “natural” remedies for sleep that go beyond a calming cup of tea and not eating too much before bed. When I was contacted by Stop Aging Now about their product DreamWell ULTRA, I was game to try it.

DreamWell Ultra

I read that DreamWell ULTRA contains an advanced dual-release melatonin that not only helps you fall asleep but stay asleep as it delivers half immediately to help you fall asleep quickly, while the other half utilizes extended-release beadlets that are designed to help you stay asleep throughout the night.  DreamWell ULTRA also features PharmaGABA® which is a concentrated form of natural GABA that’s clinically shown to work in just 30 minutes to was stress and quiet the mind for better sleep.  However, before trying this product of for that matter anything new product, please consult your doctor.

So I tried it and gave it to my friend to try it. One of the most important take-aways is the product had no “hang-over” effect. Granted we were sleeping at 8,000 feet in the mountains of Colorado and altitude can be a factor in affecting sleep as well, so the product’s effects could be different at sea level. However, there was no downside or side effects experienced in taking this product.

If you have taken melatonin before DreamWell ULTRA should have a similar effect. Slowing down thoughts allows for falling asleep more easily and staying asleep is where the products time release really begins to work.
So perhaps you will try this product and commit to a better routine in 2020. If you would like to try DreamWell ULTRA you can use code SLEEPNOW for 50% off + free shipping on your first order and click here.

You can follow this brand @stopagingnow1995 to read more about it.

Love to hear how it goes for you all.

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