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The sun is sizzling, but you still don’t want to bare those saggin’ arms! Now granted, we all don’t have sag, so let’s change it up to read…The sun is sizzling, but it is 32 degrees in the office! There you go, now you are covered…your secret is safe with me.

So let’s get on with it! If you are a frequent reader you may remember a recent post where I drilled down in Nordstrom from ‘dresses’ at 2400 to ‘purple, plus, dresses with sleeves’ to a quantity of 3!

Here’s what happens with blouses!

Blouses – 939 options.

Sleeveless blouses– 916

Do the math – that leaves us sleeve-preferring ladies, a whopping 23 options.

Bottom line – you need to buy a sweater!

NicZoeAnd no, it can’t be a Mr. Rogers cardigan. It needs to be lightweight, perhaps a bit sheer and maybe even without buttons, because after all it is sizzling outside and we know the real reason we are wearing it isn’t to cover the girls!

Let’s peruse the options!

Let’s start with a client favorite, the Nic & Zoe 3-quarter sleeve cardigan. Here’s what we love about this sweater. It’s lightweight and a bit sheer so whatever fabulous blouse or shell you are wearing underneath can peek through and it comes in about 20 colors so you will probably pick up one neutral and one pop of color. It is also available in regular, petite and plus. Lastly, Nic & Zoe is sold at most major retailers so shop around for a sale!

ElizaJLets go a little shorter. Summer-wear often includes fitted dresses and strappy tops that don’t require full sweater coverage. That is where the shrug or bolero sweater comes in handy. Again, this is a good option to have not only a neutral color like black, but a pop of color like pink or coral which is perfect for pairing with your white jeans. This Eliza J open front bolero skims just the arms and upper back, providing the perfect cover for that drafty air conditioning.

For those of you looking for a bit more length (coverage) this Babeau long cardigan is just the fit! This staple spring cardigan is cut from soft jersey with a shawl collar front and a high/low hem. It is available in regular and petite from x-small to x-large. A great wardrobe stretcher!

BabeauWhatever the weather, you need to be covered. Be sure when shopping for your sleeveless apparel that you also shop for the arm cover at the same time. There is nothing worse than getting ready for your rockin night out on the harbor, sporting your sassy white jeans, your wedges and your sexy sleeveless top and being forced to grab your Red Sox hoodie on the way out the door.

Plan, plan, plan and then shop with purpose so you can sizzle the sassy!

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