germsWe like to keep our homes in a clean and tidy state most of the time, despite the attempts of the kids to undo all the hard work you have put in.

A regular cleaning routine will no doubt include hovering and polishing over some dusty surfaces and a growing number of us have also latched on to the fact that steam cleaners, like the ones you can get at, are a handy tool to have around the home.

Despite all this, there are actually a number of everyday items that are in most homes that may get overlooked when you are doing the cleaning, but shouldn’t be when you find out about some the germs they may be harbouring.

Keyboard germs

Most of us have a PC in the house but it is not something that many of us think about cleaning regularly.

Your keyboard has the capacity to accumulate enough germs to make it dirtier than a toilet seat. Consider getting one of those little hand-held vacuum cleaners that will get the dust and crumbs out from between the keys and use a small amount of alcohol solution on a cotton bud to clean the surface of the keys without damaging them.

Your phone

Mobile phones are probably the worst culprits as they get used outside of the home and then get the chance to bring the bacteria back inside with them.

Your landline phone can also easily get missed when you are cleaning. Give the house phone a clean with an antiseptic wipe but use a microfiber cleaning cloth to give your mobile a new and clean lease of life.

Remote control

Yes another object that everyone in the house handles, and not something that many of us think about cleaning regularly.

Your TV remote is an absolute hotbed for a number of unpleasant bacteria and viruses. Take care when cleaning your remote to avoid damage and use a lint-free cloth for an effective clean, so that the only horror story is what is on the TV and not on your remote.

Your mattress

You may wash your bedding regularly but the mattress can often get neglected.

Use your steam cleaner to give it a freshen up and to help sanitise it, so that the bed bugs that like to try and live with us, look for somewhere else to take up residence.

Coffee maker

Your coffee maker can soon get dirty inside without a regular clean, and that could easily make it unhealthy to use.

Keep your coffee maker in good shape and enjoy a nice clean cup of coffee every time. All you need to do is run a half and half mix of water and white vinegar through the machine for one brew cycle and then run it again with water, before making yourself another brew.

Laundry bag/baskets

You use your laundry bag or baskets to collect all that dirty washing from around the house, but it is also collecting germs along the way.

It is easy to just empty the laundry bag out and re-use it again. Next time, if it is a washable one, put it in with a wash to give it a good freshen up and to keep any germs away.

Next time you do the cleaning, don’t forget some of these items as well. The germs won’t thank you for it but your family probably will.

Written in partnership with Ellis Perkins who also blogs at

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