177304418You might be old enough to qualify for a free bus pass but there are plenty of things you still want to do with your life and there is a lot of fun to be had out there if you happen to be a single senior citizen.

Age is a state of mind and just because you might be classed as a silver surfer, it’s how you approach the date and whether you set out to simply have some fun, enjoy some great company and enjoy the thrill of a first-time encounter.

A fun thing to do while you are searching for a partner and looking for some ideas on where your love life is heading as a single “pensioner” would be to read your free daily horoscope and see what adventures and encounters you might expect to have, or maybe visit a psychic reader to get an interesting insight into your future love life amongst other things.

Two left feet

If you have lined up a first date and want to know where to go or what to do, a dance class always involves a lot of fun, even if you do happen to have two left feet.

There are so many different types of classes you could attend and if both of you don’t have much experience of salsa or ballroom moves, there is going to be a lot of laughter throughout the session.

Woodland wonder

If you are the outdoors type, a trip to the woods for a walk with nature or even an overnight stay with camping by the stars might be just the thing you are looking for.

A bottle of wine, some warm blankets and a roaring camp fire are a great way to get to know each other and you may even end up cuddling up together when the sun goes down.

Challenge yourself

A local event could be a good ice-breaker for a first date.

Check to see if there any contests or events going on in your area that you could enter or get involved together with. It could be a culinary challenge or even a karaoke competition. Anything where the emphasis is on informal fun and getting to know each other in a fun environment.

Movie swap

Most of us have a favourite movie, so you could set up an evening where you both sit down to watch each other’s all-time greatest film and laugh or cry together.

It could make for an interesting evening if one chooses Gone with the Wind and the other choice is Men in Black but that is the point of it. Find out what makes your date laugh or weep and share the experience over a large bowl of popcorn, just like being at the cinema.

Dare to be different

Meeting up for a meal in restaurant on a first-time date is ok but it’s not exactly original.

Push the boundaries and dare to be different. Suggest a date where you take a trip to your nearest IKEA and indulge in the meatballs or whatever takes your fancy, if you must include a meal in your date.

You will you find that the suggestion of a trip to IKEA has them intrigued and unable to fathom you, but that’s the point, it’s different. You also get a good idea how compatible you might be by what they like or dislike as you are browsing.

Marie Mccormack is an avid relationship writer. She wants to encourage everyone to find happiness in love and in life. You can find her enjoyable articles on a variety of blog sites online. Follow The Circle Psychic on Google+.

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