It turns out there isn’t a straight line to going gray: Salt &Pepper, a Single Striper of Silver, to name a few. For most of us, healthy flowing locks of gray are not what seems to be peaking through during quarantine. But if we learned anything during this quarantine it’s patience, surrender and letting go. Paddling against the rapids clearly will drown us. We cannot win that battle. So for the first time for many of us, we must let go, give in and go with the river’s flow.

I know that in this era of sickness and loss and fear, our hair color should be very very low on the list, but given the memes we have been getting and the selfies we are all sharing, the gray hair convo rises up over and over again.

And, there’s no reason to feel guilty about caring. It’s a bit of a curiosity to watch ourselves go gray. Kind of like watching those first hairs grown in the nether regions during our teen years..”Where did that come from?” “How weird.” “Oh my, I’m growing up.” Yup, these thoughts are reminiscent of that natural rite of passage. But, the rite of passage to gray hair isn’t something many of us have been able to embrace.

So what’s a girl to do? Go with it? Well, yes for now it appears that’s what we are doing. We aren’t going to just pour any old dye on our roots at home are we? Well for those of us who have just been in observation mode, how do you look after 5 weeks of no color? For me, I’m not convinced my hair will ever morph into silky silver locks. But, if I knew I would look like any of these 12 gray haired queens of Instagram I would totally go for it. How about you?

1. Mindy Gale

2. SilverStorm (Hillary B)

3. Grateful and Gray (Karen)

4. Caroline Labouchere

5. Stages of Grey (Debbie)

6. Grey So What (Sandrine)

7. Deborah Darling

8. Renita Gale

9. Going Going Grey (Riley)

10. Armelle Perves

11. The Silver Lining (Luisa Dunn)

12. Angel Stykemain


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