womanshoeshoppingHoping to comfortably step out in style this holiday season?

Wondering what makes a good holiday shoe?

That’s kind of like wondering what makes a good zucchini bread.

Well Dorothy, you are going to need the basics – flour, sugar, raisins, and zucchini – agreed? But diving deeper it could be white flour, whole-wheat flour, refined sugar, brown sugar, muscat raisins, golden raisins, and store bought zucchini or fresh from the garden zucchini. The point being that within the ‘ingredients’ you have options that can truly affect the flavor, look and experience of eating that fabulous zucchini bread.

The same holds true for choosing style elements when it comes to every category of your clothing that then effects how you look, feel and experience the wearing of that item from your closet.

For example:
Jacket – single or double breasted
Skirt – mini or maxi
Pant – full length or ankle
Sweater – pullover or cardigan
Dress – sleeveless or long sleeve
That brings us to shoes!

When I reference a holiday shoe or a dress shoe, most of you are probably assuming heels – sky high heels – because after all we have been conditioned to believe that those heels are the only thing that make us look sexy, sassy & sophisticated. Bullsh**. Let’s dispel that myth.

Heels have endured since the 16th century when other such fashion statements as hats and gloves have come and gone. Height and elevation historically indicated class, privilege, power and sexuality. Come on ladies – we are voting now!

lustroDon’t get me wrong, there is no doubt that a pair of great heels makes a woman feel more confident but to what after effect? Let’s start with added stress to the hips and the back and of course the actual subsequent foot pain that radiates through the bunions, arches and lower calves. Sounds like a lot of agida just for a strut!

Let’s literally take it down, one notch at a time from the block heel, to the demure pump to the party flat.

If you are vertically challenged or you just want the look of a heel – let’s at least go for stability. Eliminate the stiletto, skinny, wobbly, death defying heels and step into the current fall trend of The Block Heel. They are fun, flattering, functional and found in a variety of heights. Check out the M.Gemi – Lustro in Royal or Natural Ombre – a slender block heel with patent leather upper and a hand-brushed ombre finish.

tesoroFan of The Demure Pump? Does it just give you enough of an edge, enough of a heel and enough of a swagger? Then let’s make it a stylish pump! Look for details like color, patent leather, a pointy toe to elongate the leg and a notched toe line to make the foot look elegant. Check out the M.Gemi – Tesoro in Black or Natural Patent – The elegant quintessential black tie shoe!

Are you a party girl that wants to party hearty and not think about the constraints of heels? Then The Party Flats are for you! Yes you may have to adjust the rest of the outfit a bit, perhaps wear a dressy ankle pant, a shorter skirt or even a colored pair of hosiery to elongate the leg and give the illusion of height, but you will definitely be the last one standing on the dance floor and that is epically stylish! Check out the Tuta in Chianti or Eggplant – A suede ladylike smoking slipper with a leather tuxedo stripe. Another fabulous option is the Fiamma in Chianti or Navy – A cushy velvet smoking slipper with a romantic oversized tassel.


How to shop for these 3 heights? Whatever your height preference, comfort level and budget – pick those parameters straight away and don’t sway from them. Shop online first to come up with the options that fit within your ever so rigid, but definitely stylish boundaries. Let’s say you want a flat, patent leather, comfortable shoe in the price range of $100 – 200. I put that in the Google search and came up with this URL –http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/womens-comfort-flats

So you can totally define your parameters and then come up with, in this case 525 shoes, to peruse through and then drilling down even further by fabric and color! Now you know what is out there in the wide world of shoe shopping before you rev up the car and search for that ever elusive front row parking place at the mall.

So choose to be choosey! Choose to be comfortable. Choose to be stylish. Choose to be on budget. But most importantly – choose to be pretty!

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And remember – you are pretty! Now go rock that dance floor!

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