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Aaaah, the beauty of the classic white shirt…and why you should own one!

Despite the current heat wave, pre-fall merchandise is arriving in the stores now, so naturally there are some colors that crossover seasons.

White is one of them. It looks sophisticated, current, great with a tan and if you shop carefully it can be your go-to feel-good fall item that will always look fresh and crisp.

I am talking about the ever classic, essential white shirt of course!

From the likes of Cate Blanchett, Carolina Herrera, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Lauren Hutton, Sharon Stone and of course Audrey Hepburn, the white shirt has stood the test of time.

Throwhiteshirt2ughout the generations, the styles have changed dramatically but somehow the classic white shirt (albeit it potentially a bit boring) seems to be what I uncover in the back of closets the most often. Reasons heard as to why it never gets worn – I feel frumpy, I hate to iron, I look like a banker, I just never think to wear it or I have no clue how to style it!

Come on ladies – take a peruse through my most popular Pinterest board – The Essential White Shirt and tell me if any of these shirts look frumpy, bulky or even hum-drum office dress code! Especially when these looks might be paired up with well tailored suits and separates including your traffic stopping pair of jeans.

In 1992, Anna Wintour featured nine supermodels on the cover of the 100th anniversary special edition of American Vogue. They all wore the same classic white shirt from the Gap, tied at the waist to make it fashionably edgy.

pinterest.comToday, styles abound from designer labels such as Anne Fontaine, Chanel, Herrera, Lafayette, St. John and Ralph Lauren to medium priced labels such as Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, White House / Black Market and Talbots. Pretty much every store and every label will have some sort of white shirt in their line. It is a staple and they know if they don’t carry it, you will shop elsewhere for it.

Your job however, is to take the look to the next level. Step it up from the fitted button down by looking for styling details such as mixed media fabrications, fancy buttons, strategically placed bows or chiffon, double-edge seams, and asymmetrical collars, cuffs and bottoms. The possibilities are endless. After all this is a shirt that has been hundreds of years in the making!

KeatonPinterest.comIf I were shopping for just that one item for you, I know I could gather at least 20 different fabulous white shirts throughout any given mall for you to try on. The point being – don’t just buy the first white shirt that you come across!

Do an online search first, see what comes up when you Google women’s white shirts and go from there. Choose by fabric, style, price-point and fit! Be courageous and think outside of the box.

Then of course style it with both fabulous jewelry and swagger!

You just might be rocking your new white shirt on your next night on the town!

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Remember – shop with purpose!


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