shape shifting out of my skinWith the popularity of shape shifters these days I’ve been thinking what it would be like to actually have the ability to slip out of my skin and into some other being.

Now, I don’t mean just getting larger breasts, or firmer thighs and a flatter stomach. That would be more like traveling back into the body I possessed as a younger woman. Although it would be quite wonderful, I’m not sure I’d like to relive those days over again.

No, I’m talking about actually wearing the skin of another species.

How great would it be to have the ability to escape from an argument with your teenage son by shifting into a grizzly bear? You could scare the living pants off him and then turn back into good old mama. But for a few minutes there, you would be guaranteed that your son would listen to you. After all, during your confrontation you most likely felt like a grizzly anyway. Angry, ready to tear the poor kid apart for his unthinking actions.

By shifting into the animal which depicts the emotion you are feeling, you could prevent family, co-workers and friends from thinking you are acting crazy or out of control or God forbid “hormonal.” They’d just think it was your normal behavior. And once the mood passed you could shift back into your own body without any repercussions for having acted out of line.

For instance here are some examples of slipping into some other skin based on feelings, desires and emotions:

Take affection. Let’s say you’re in the mood to cuddle with your teenager who has long since outgrown wanting to hold your hand or sit next to you on the couch. You could shift into a cute little puppy or kitten. Not even a surly teenager can resist giving some love to a small, defenseless animal.

If you’re usually not one to speak your mind and are suddenly overcome with the urge to take control, you could shift into a mighty lion. You could roar your head off, shouting orders, without getting any of those looks which say, “Mom is losing it.”

If you’re feeling exceptionally horny and want to have the big O (even if you have to do it yourself) you could shift into a monkey. They’re not embarrassed to have sex anywhere, anytime, anyplace. So, while in your cubicle at work or perhaps while in the supermarket you could pleasure yourself and no one would think anything of it.

And how about when you’re feeling antsy, not quite sure what to do with yourself, but knowing that you need to do something?

If you’re like me, you wander from room to room, feeling as if you need to get out of your own skin. The solution? Shift into a bird, spread your wings and fly. Dip and dive with the wind and just be. Soaring like an eagle would be magnificent. But even shifting into a parakeet would do. And then you could fly home, shift back into your comfortable, familiar body with a peaceful, easy feeling.

But of course, changing skins isn’t possible in the real world.

Although, lately, my sense of smell has become quite heightened. And I’m growing hair in unwanted places such as my chin, forehead and ears.

Perhaps I’d better stay indoors during the next full moon. Because although trying out different skins does sound appealing, I’d rather not change into a werewolf.

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