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Acceptance, acknowledgement, letting go — we are becoming masters after 50 at dealing with the curve balls. Here’s some inspiring stories that make us think.

kvelling motherAbout The Mom Who Is Not Kvelling

by Nancy L. Wolf

The next time you are having lunch with friends and the talk turns, as it often does, to what your kids are doing and the kvelling begins…remember this…

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hands off parentingParenting Adult Kid’s When Do We Become Hand’s Off Parents

by Felice Shapiro

When do we move off our kids’ stage, into the orchestra and ultimately the bleachers?

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women and alcoholWoman and Alcohol At Midlife

by C. Anne Robert

Today BA50 begins a dialogue on women and addiction at midlife.  We encourage you to post comments below and to email this article to your friends to increase awareness about this growing issue.

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long distance momIs A Mom Still A Mom When Her Kids Live Far Away?

by Mindy Trotta

Are you still a mom when the “mom-ish” tasks you have been doing for so many years are no longer necessary…or are just different?

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Saying GoodbyeSaying Goodbye To My Kids Is Not Nothing!

by Beverly Beckham

…And then they were gone, one after the other.

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462209821-212x300Surprise: Snapping Out of Alzheimer’s?

by Marcia Byalick

“Ma, how did you get here?”

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